2012 Summer Hellatus

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2012 Summer Hellatus

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28 May 2012, 19:55 #1

It's that time again, when spoilers are few and far between and there are no new episodes to discuss. Each year the SN.Tv Staff runs various challenges, games and other fun activities to help pass the time until Season 8 begins :cheer

So please stop in at the 2012 Summer Hellatus Forums. Some activities are posted weekly and others will appear throughout the summer. Watch this forum for announcements or just stop in an check out what's new.

The following Challenges/Games/Activities are now open:

Caption Challenge - test your funny bone with this weeks Supernatural Caption!

Word Search - Can you find 20 Monsters or Bad Guys?

Award Banner Challenge - Create a banner for this Summer's Winners!

Weekly Poll - What Actor would make a better hunter?

Creation Entertainment Video Contest - Check out this contest - your video could be shown at their conventions and you can even win a prize!

Road So Far - Ever wonder exactly where one of the episodes is located? Do you want to learn about where your fellow members live? Check out these threads and join the discussion.

Coming Soon:

Riddle Me This - Can you solve the riddle and figure out the MOTW and the episode?

Name that Tune - So you think you know all the music? Let's find out!

Famous Quotes and Pop References - Do you have the dialog memorized, think you know all the pop references, try our quiz and see!

Supernatural Trivia--with a twist! - The contest will be shorter and presented in a hang-man style--can you avoid the hang-man's noose?

Supernatural Wolf Game - Ever wonder what's going on or how to play? You'll get your chance this summer.

Fan Fiction, Video and Avi Challenges will also be posted along with this year's Forum Banner Challenge.

Hopefully you'll find something to help pass the time until we meet the boys again in October!

Have Fun!

Your SN.Tv Staff

Thanks to Xlozx for the Awesome Banner and Avi!

Hounds of the Baskervilles Starts Soon! Sign up By March 18th