Untitled: Please Provide the Church's Name &/or Location

Untitled: Please Provide the Church's Name &/or Location


October 6th, 2011, 6:29 pm #1

I would just like to put this out there b/c im starting to see the signs of change coming to our church. I know the elders have been in the planning stages since the move to the new building, but im now starting to see some changes to a more community type church. Im not necessaryly against all of the changes, but there are some that are troubling. They have started these secret "Leadership Meetings", praise teams. All the things that preceed a change to a community type church.Oh yeah and this church has a history of having huge amounts of turnover b/c of always making radical changes, and will discuss adding instruments to worship in the coming months. Just wanted to throw it out there that changes are coming.
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Two things happen with the urge to "expand."

First, the church is overextended and is seeking ways to go commercial to attract more cash.

Second and likely, many churches (my own) have a great vision to "expand" and begin plotting from the beginning.

The ploy is to suck up money for the "lord" to support the growth of the existing church.

The purpose driven goal is to move, expand, get the finances in order so that they can afford to loose up to half of the owners.

As soon as they feel secure, they DIVERT THE MONIES to turn your church into a "theater for holy entertainment." They may have taken loaded surveys and claim that the "spirit" is guiding them in stealing the church house of widows.

Only after you have been BAITED is the SWITCH made for the agenda that the secret leadership in exile planned from the beginning.

They believe that they can AID Christ by performing musical rituals even claiming to be God in Christ standing in the holy place leading you into the presence of God.

Since they have worked for several years to condition the younger generation (female and effeminate) they have decided that they can dispense with the greay-hairs who paid the bills.

Jesus said that the kingdom of God does not come with these religious observations: those who are strongly deluded are marked by lying wonders which includes religious observations filled with the hyocritic performers of rhetoric, music and theater.

It CANNOT be the kingdom of God

http://www.piney.com/Luke.17.Kingdom.No ... ation.html

The preacher, elders and "worship minister" have no trouble lying about all of the Bible.