This is Tom—not PBLCOC (Palm Beach Lakes Church of Christ)

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July 9th, 2006, 5:09 am #1

<font color=indigo size=3 face=times new roman>Tom:

You have several posts on hold. They are on hold for a number of reasons, ONE of which is that you have signed your posts as if they [your posts] or you represented the Palm Beach Lakes congregation, but they do not.

Please review the thread that you initiated on February 26, 2006 with the same misrepresentation. At the outset, I did ask you for identification after I had checked out PBL’s website. You responded as follows:
  • “My name is Tom, I do not represent Palm Beach Lakes Church of Christ and the elders and preachers at Palm Beach Lakes Church of Christ are not in agreement with me. I am sorry about the screen name. My mind went blank at the time and I just could not think of a screen name at the time. To let you know where I am coming from. I am coming from the other side of the Church of Christ. This is the concerned members website and I am a concerned member. I am concerned member. I am concerned about the legalistic patternism in PBLCOC because "legalism kills. I am one of Al Maxey's Reflections readers and I agree with Brother Maxey about 99% of the time….”

    Here’s that link to your thread—“Necessary Inference ,Acts 20:7, & Acts 18:8” with the last post dated April 30, 2006: ... +Acts+18-8
What’s the deal, Tom? One of your “unposted” posts is titled and does state:
  • “Notice: This is a moderated forum. Your post will not show up until a moderator approves the message.”
Are you OK?

Not that it’s guaranteed that any of your current messages will be posted, I believe there needs to be some clarification that you do not represent Palm Beach Lakes and that the PBL congregation is not necessarily in agreement with Al Maxey’s radical attempt to change God’s directives for the church.

This thread will be deleted as/when deemed necessary.