The Reason

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March 24th, 2008, 12:02 am #1

The reason this is happening in the churches has everything to do with what YHWH is doing in the world. I am not jewish or from Isreal but after 30 years of searching and studying myself, along with others have come to realize just what is going on in the churches through out the world. YHWH is taking the people who belong to him out of the church and is leaving the church to itself, after all, the church is modeled after the catholic system and are concidered to be sister churches of the catholic system. This will not get better no matter how much people want to fight it. This is all in prophesy and is common knowledge to all those who follow YHWH and Yashua. The Churches are aligning themselves back to the mother church so that they can prepare for their last stand against YHWH and his covenant to his people. The more of his people that leave the church, the more the church and it's people will align itself with the catholic system which has made it known to the world that it is the only real religion in the world and all others are lies. YHWH's time has started and if those in the church stay there then they will get the judgements that YHWH has stored away for them. YHWH made it clear, we are only to worship his name, ( YHWH), and his name alone. All other names are names made from lies. All this information is out there for everyone in the world to see, but it is up to us to accept it. Failure to accept the word of YHWH brings judgement, acceptance brings salvation. Put aside your Bibles and buy the book of YHWH and everything will become very clear. YHWH is and always has been the god of Isreal and he will remain so through out all of eternity. It is our responsibility to search out the truth, not to accept everything that we are told by our leaders as gospel.