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<font color=black face=arial>Dear Christian Brother or Sister:

Today we offer our observations about the two mega congregations of the church of Christ in Texas who have announced plans to establish satellite congregations, both to exist under one eldership. Both of them being leaders in the change movement, we can expect others to eagerly follow their unworthy example. I urge you to pass this lesson on to other Christians in your email address book. Truth can and will defeat error.

— John Waddey</font>


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  • <font color=indigo size=3 face=times new roman> 'Tis a true saying, that a small step off the correct path can take one miles from his desired destination. Some 25 years ago a few fearless souls associated with the church of Christ began a bold experiment with a revised version of Christianity.
      • The first small step was to launch a sustained program of criticism of the church, pointing out and magnifying every perceived weakness and failure.
      • Then the criticism was extended to include our noble ancestors whom we oft describe as our restoration pioneers. Since ninety-seven percent of our people know little of our history and those who preceded them in the kingdom, that criticism was received without serious cross examination.
      • They then began to float theoretical challenges to those principles of faith and worship held sacred among us. Questions were raised about our a cappella praise and our belief that baptism is essential to salvation(Mark 16:16). Doubts were created about our belief that denominationalism is sinful. They challenged our claim that we are not a denomination and that should we ever become such we would forfeit our standing with God. They questioned our understanding of the New Testament as a divinely given pattern by which we are to order our spiritual activities (II Tim. 1:13). They questioned our attempts to restore the ancient faith and worship of the church. They wondered if we had been too restrictive in not granting our women a public leadership role in the church (I Tim. 2:11-12). They speculated that we were far too strict in the moral standards we deduced from God's Word.
    After sowing abundant seeds of doubt, they concluded the time was right to begin implementing the changes they envisioned and desired.
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    • In stealthy increments they began to change our musical worship. First came the vocal bands such as A Cappella. Then came the praise teams. Next were the soloists and special singing groups.
    • When these were firmly entrenched, they launched their campaign for their real goal, the use of instrumental music in their worship. This is now established in several congregations.
    • After undermining the faith of many in the ancient and simple gospel plan of salvation, they can now boldly preach salvation by grace through faith before and perhaps even without baptism.
    • After many years of poking fun at what they perceived as our narrowness and praising the sweetness and respectability of our Evangelical neighbors, they now openly declare us to be a rather poor sectarian version of a denomination . They can now openly pursue a new station within denominational circles and acceptance by their Protestant neighbors.
    • Having weaken the convictions of their followers in the sinfulness of instrumental music in worship, they are now openly pursuing reunification with Christian Churches. They are attempting to revise our history in order to blame our fathers for wrongly protesting and refusing instruments a century past.
    • Having raised sufficient questions about the exclusive male leadership of the church, they are now ready to allow women a place in the public teaching ministry and congregational leadership.
    • Having rejected the concept of the Scripture as a heaven-given pattern for the church, they have now taken another major step away from the path of truth. Following the lead of their religious neighbors with an episcopal form of government some have begun what they identify as "multi-site" or satellite congregations. They no longer accept that each congregation is separate, independent and self-governing. They no longer believe that elders have authority only over the flock among them (I Pet. 5:1-2) and are thus limited to feeding the church over which they have been appointed (Acts 20:28). They no longer think that there should be elders in every church (Acts 14:26). We now see evolving a repetition of the error of diocesan bishops that occurred in the second century and eventuated in the Roman Catholic Church "and what shall be the end thereof?" "A diocese is an ecclesiastical administrative territory subject to the jurisdiction of a bishop" (Westminster Dict. Of Church History). Following the apostles, in the second century, powerful and influential church leaders rose to dominance over the other elders of their congregation. The more ambitious of them aspired to manage other churches in their cities. Hence they were called metropolitans. As circumstances allowed, they claimed administrative control of other congregations, especially those they planted. This post-apostolic form of government is known as "episcopal" which is the governing form of the Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist and other churches. When a strong dominant preacher leads his elders to pursue such a course, he is repeating the sinful mistake of those early metropolitans.
Paul observed that evil men and impostors wax worse and worse (II Tim. 3:13). Our experience demonstrates that false teachers likewise wax worse and worse. The first step off the Biblical path of truth has in one short generation led a multitude into the camp of denominationalism and away from the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. </font>

John Waddey, Editor
Christianity: Then and Now

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Ken Sublett
Ken Sublett

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That summarizes it perfectly: I began my web presnence almost exactly a decade ago after trying to fight the influence in my local Hohenwald Church of Christ.

All of this spewed out of the Stone Campbell Movement where Leroy Garrett tried to prove that the Church of Christ is a poor cousin offspring of the Christian Church. Perhaps, he muses, Alexander got his movement when he was the rare male teacher in an Irish village where the adults had left for extended work in the cities. Alexander, being alone with the single girls just hatched up something: perhaps a reflection of Leroy and not Alexander?

My first launch in in late 1997 copied and reviewed the sermons of Rubel Shelly: it was UNCOMMON that he did not use the DISSOCIATION the small band of merry men had agreed on by using non-instrumental and conservative as RACA WORDS spewing out more hate than I believed a preacher could spew.

The PATTERNISM well documented and appealed to from Machiavelli to explain why you must be patient, the writings of Lebon which fueled Mein Kampf and later Post Modern intends to PSYCHOLOGICALLY INTIMIDATE to both ALTER one's conscience with the mantra and music but to make any one awake mortally afraid of complaining or disussing the issue. People were told NOT to discuss the changes with others.

The is a DECONSTRUCTION which demands--as shelly used the Azec patternism--that you must DISMANTLE each and every mind and "burn down the old houses" or discard the old WINESKINS. Once they have destroyed your total self they can REBUILD them in their own image: Shelly insists that the individual has no RIGHT to read, interpret or speak the Word OUTSIDE of the community meaning COMMUNE. As the senior pastor "by the sovereign grace of God" the leader "Works out our salvation" which he interprets as REWRITE the Scriptures using the old erroneous fragments.

Many researchers have noted that the URBANS (Shelly works on that also) and the more sophisticated are the MOST prone to fall into GOOSE STEP with the Father. That is why I was really surprised that the local Hohenwald nobility thought that this little town was so ignorant that they would fall for it: they did not but are left with having to sell property to survive because the CHANGELINGS left when people stood up.

We have posted information about Max Lucado's Apostasy and just because people don't leave does not mean that they are holding faithful. Once boasting 90% participation in the new property then CONFISCATED for instrumental music now only 40% participate in their new venture.

Christian Chronicle boasted that Rick Atchley had 6,400 members but I notice that the attendance for several months has been in the mid 3,000s and the contribution falls short each week. So, one doubts that you can lie TO God and lie ABOUT God without getting hurt real bad. In the face of the invasion of the NACC body snatchers into "christian" colleges which are NOT prepared for rebutal even of outright lies, the NACC mass gatherings where they pit LUCADO INSTRUMENTALIST against NACC INSTRUMENTALISTS and the Tulsa Soul Stealing workshop which has the DIVERSION of the Church of Christ as its only motive, there has been comparatively little outright defection from the faith. When the NEXT generation discovered that they have been birthed and reared in a soup of lies about the Bible they will RISE UP AND CALL THEM CURSED and we will swing back.

So, while they try to INTIMIDATE by repeating "you are LOOSERS" the facts do not bear it out: their LOSS is usually the OWNERS with money and their GAINERS are giddy young people who have NO intention of PAYING you for the entertainment when they can steal it for free.

Denominational observers -- other than the NACC which is fighting a losing battle -- look with utter contempt on people who would have a decade-old agenda and THEN force instruments.

Unfortunately, LU seems to have missed the action or is lost: they are HONORING Lynn Anderson this year!