The Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews

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The Book of Hebrews: all of the text on one page for your study.

Stephen proves that God did not command the temple and got murdered for it: I believe that a murderous attitude is stirred up when you just repeat what Christ in Spirit said in the Prophets and apostles. The writer of Hebrews makes it perfectly clear but not if you just pick out pieces to fit the puzzle in your mind. Many are invited but few will choose the truth.

Because history notes that music only works on weak minds those radicaly inculcated in the Catholic -- Jewish -- Babylonish "patternism" are not likely to change their minds.

Close to 100% of all preachers and "scholars" believe that the kingdom especially as radically changed by David was God's PATTERN for congregational worship. Even if Hezekiah conducted a plague stopping exorcise and burned goats signaled by the instruments under the king and commanders of the army just ONCE in recorded history some claim that that is a PATTERN for imposing instruments while deliberately sowing discording half of the congregation forced to cast themselves out of their own synagogue.

A book writer has the music issue correct but insists that God commanded instrumental music based on that one example in recorded history.

A kind blogger has challenged me on the issue and permitted me to state that God did NOT command the Levites other than to bear the burden of the tabernacle and the burden of their own sins. David clearly commanded that the Levites praise (make self vile) with all kinds of noise makers especially those historically used only by women selling themselves.

If the WHOLE of the Church of Christ--left or right--believes that instrumental worship was a law of God BUT (some) say that God has changed his law.

Those wanting to do a hostile takeover of your congregation say that God CONMMANDED the use of instruments in worship and God DID NOT CHANGE His law.

That means that whatever either side invents as a religious institute is not built on Christ but resting on A LLAW.