The American Restoration Movement

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Churches of Christ are distinct from other groups which arose beginning with over 321 new denominations after the First Great American Awakening. Most of those were Baptists: there are still about 150 distinct Baptists groups.

The Second Great American Awakening developed many more splits in most denominations.

The Campbells and many more participated in this Restoration Movement ... ement.html

The American Restoration Movement is perhaps deliberately confused by the Stone-Campbell Movement. Restorationism was a common impulse after the American Revolution and its Constitutions which ended the period of restricted liberty.

This began with the first settlement and especially and had its roots and branches in voodoo and witchcraft.

What is known as the American Restoration Movement involved such divergent groups as the Mormons

The Stoneite movement birthed what became the Disciples-Christian Churches which tagged along with the so-called apocalyptic movement--now promoted by the Stone-Campbell Movement revisionist history was begun by the Millerites and prompted the disciples to found a society to go "save the Jews to enable the return of Jesus."

The other, radically different, movement continued John Calvin's urge to Restore the Church of Christ. This included simply removing the superstitious appendages of Catholicism such as the use of Instrumental music. This was continued by the Campbells beginning in attempts to reform the Presbyterians.

This index of papers and historical documents speaks only to Churches of Christ.
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