Terry Rush and TULSA want a shotgun marriage with the NACC: you are the inferior.

Terry Rush and TULSA want a shotgun marriage with the NACC: you are the inferior.

Ken Sublett
Ken Sublett

September 5th, 2007, 3:43 am #1

When Wade Hodges pushes the Tulsa Soul winning workshop he makes it clear that he is speaking of UNIFYING the Chruch of Christ and the NACC. That is why he USES pro-instrumentalists employed by non-instrumental churches to DEBATE a PRO-instrumentalist from the Christian Church. Now, that is ONE way to stack the deck and WIN more souls and churches for the NACC. Terry Rush uses almost the identical words we have posted by Mark Henderson and David Faust from the NACC. David as a masked man is let into the flock by an insider to discuss UNITY knowing that David is going to unload his whole list of false teachings inherited from O.E.Payne and others seeking UNITY by converting Church of Christ preachers to using INSTRUMENTS. Slick Willy?

If you listen to the "attractants" called in to "boil a frog" you hear what sounds like on orgy of buffoonry from the speakers and buffoonery as a troubling relationship with the "audience" come for the fun. However, when God pours out His wrath the word is ORGE or ORGY and is specificially defined as singing, clapping, playing instruments and falling into charismatic "jesting" which says more about the "interchange" than the participants may want to reveal. Jesus defines the HYPOCRITE by pointing to Isaiah and Ezekiel who identifies entertaining speakers, singers and instrument players. The use of words implies a sexual interchange.

Terry Rush is going to make some truly astounding remarks about our being wrong all of these 2,000 years but he begins by trying to dismantle the Commands, Examples and Necessary inferences taught in the Bible and everyone in history prior to the spawning of false teachers in the last few decades. They are under the postmodern theory that lying is not lying "cause we gonna save more souls."

I have begun a rough review of Terry Rush here:


Posted by Terry Rush at 7:14 AM
Wednesday, February 07, 2007
  • Terry Rush: <font color=red>Our people are so tied up in knots trying to sort through the church lingo that many have all but given up on sharing the good news with their neighbor because they can't keep the story straight</font>
The knots and blowing the winds have been manufactured by men who have been used by the instrmentalists to do "unity meetings" and "soul winning workshops" to do a debate between Church of Christ INSTRUMENTALISTS and Christian Church INSTRUMENTALISTS. Even so, Terry uses the discording mantra of YOU ARE FAILURES so that people dare not defend the BIBLE as opposed to preachers as skillful rhetoricans but NOT Disciples of Christ. Proving that the FLOCK is not dirty, ignorant lambs made to be fleeced, for all of the deliberate sowing of discord, the RESTRUCTURE team has had only pitiful results. They will be marked men in history.
  • Terry Rush: <font color=red>All know God is against man-made doctrine, yet we've accepted with open arms this Trojan horse Enormous strain develops in trying to assure ourselves that much of our doctrine did not come from man but from God Himself. </font>
Only Terry and friends seem to have found an occupation destroying the confidence as planned foreplay to make people frightened to question the new apostles and prophets (or apostates and profits).

Terry is defining obeying the direct command of the Spirit OF Christ for the "church in the wildernes" a man-made doctrine. Fact is, there was never any preaching in the synagogue or church so there was no 'collection plate' to feed Terry while he sows discord. The Synagogue existed side-by-side with the Temple State which had been ABANDONED to Sabazianism [Acts 7] or Dionysus worship. Fact is, Jesus exampled standing up to READ in the synagogue and decently sitting down without becomming a buffoon which is the MARK of God's Wrath. Fact is, there was no singing for almost 400 years.
  • Terry Rush: <font color=red>As far as evangelistic effectiveness is concerned, we live in fundamental neutral. How can we remember how it goes when the Word really isn't there to show our neighbor?</font>
Jesus gave evangelists a GO button so that we can MARK those Peter called false teachers, corrupting the word which means "selling learning at retail, hawking it all about, adultery." You cannot DO evangelism is a mega-church house turned into a "theater for holy entertainment." How can contributors stand by for the false LAW OF GIVING to feed people who break down the wals to let the wolves in: wolves are defined as perverted musicians who howl to attract mates. Elders let them in.

How can you SPEAK the Gospel with instruments when SPEAK is the opposite of poetry or music. Only a 'conversational style' was permitted in the ekklesia and the rhetoricians, singers, musicians, dancers and sellers of SELVES and radishes was quarantined to the Agora with the PSALLO ROPE..
  • Terry Rush: <font color=red>1. Our hermeneutic is made up: Man created it to claim the texts he wanted and to somehow dismiss those he doesn't. Hermeneutic is not a biblical term and was never taught by God.

    The "Direct Command", "Example", and "Necessary Inference" passages seem to have melted.

    Look at it. Necessary Inference? That's what man does to get his way when the Bible won't back it. One can claim, "Well, at least it's inferred."</font>
The Bible and all recorded history Diagrees with Terry Rush.


Not so: Rick Atchley parroting his NACC handlers insists that Hezekiah's goat-burning ritual as a plague-stopping sacrifice where the MILITARY Levites playing the instruments making NOISE means "God commands instrumental praise and we should not be disobedient."

Rick Atchley boasts that "our colleges have not taught the ANTI-instrumental positions for decades. They have also manufactured PhDuhs who REJECT all authority even from God. But, only fools love to be fooled in the words of Paul.

Terry wants to deny COMMANDS by insisting that the word SPEAK means to make music. In fact the word SPEAK means "the opposite of poetry or music."

Terry permits the authority to COMMAND, EXAMPLE AND INFER that he is CORRECT about musical instruments when he DENIES that God has that authority when he used the Spirit OF Christ in the PROPHETS to totally repudiate the use of MUSIC as a mark that 'WE HAVE NO INTENTION OF LISTENING to the Words of God.'

The LAW of inferences or SILENCE is used only by the instrumentalists: they make it certain that "There is no LAW which saith 'thou shalt not play instruments in the Bible class' so we gonna use them KNOWING and planning for sowing discord and counting the costs.

Those doing "a school of Christ" as the Campbells agreed with Jesus, Paul and early history do not NEED to infer: the direct command it to SPEAK and the word SPEAK in the 'ekklesia' is defined as the OPPOSITE of poetry or music. You don't NEED a law to silence instruments when Jesus speaks when the elders "teach that which has been taught" and we "sing that which is written."

The CENI is well developed in the Bible and is defended by most historic church Scholars and all founders of denominations. The High Church notion of the Angiical-derived Disciples did not NEED any authority other than "will it make money." Only after they had stopped the RM in its track did the try to make PSALLO their authority for the organ. However, the scholars did not defend them.

Terry and friends want to issue the COMMANDS and make you pay them too.,

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September 25th, 2007, 2:50 pm #2

Using Eph. 5:19 to "authorize" only vocal singing is like using "women's rights" to justify abortion. Taken strictly, Eph. 5:19 only "authorizes" SPEAKING the songs, not SINGING them. Don't you agree? ("...SPEAKING to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs...")

Also, why is the issue of instrumental music SUCH a big deal with us? Not that it is unimportant, but why do we not read forums on disfellowshipping congregations who have members who smoke? Doesn't the Bible SAY our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit? Doesn't that IMPLY (NECESSARY INFERENCE) that smoking is a sin? If a church doesn't forbid its members from doing it, should they be in fellowship with the RIGHTEOUS churches of Christ? What about drinking Coca-Cola - that CERTAINLY isn't good for you is it? Would the Holy Spirit do such things? I wonder if Jesus smoked??? Surely we wouldn't call either of those an "expedient" would we?

I'm wondering why we refuse fellowship with churches that, expect for the instrumental music issue, agree with "us" on everything else, yet are silent about those churches that allow their members to smoke and drink Coke. What about those "legalistic" churches that believe God REQUIRES one cup in the communion since the Bible says "He took THE cup...". If we must agree on EVERYTHING to be in fellowship, why the double standard? If we don't have to agree on EVERYTHING to be in fellowship, why choose the instrumental issue over the smoking one or many others?

Just curious!