Romans 12: Rational worship absolutely rejects rhetoric or music

Romans 12: Rational worship absolutely rejects rhetoric or music

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One of the absolutes of those who deliberately sow musical discord always for their own glory or profit work really hard to claim that where God has not commanded THEY have the authority to command and impose and YOU must obey without opposition or "find another church."

The also insist that God has not said anything against musical or performance "worship" which is useful to attract the wandering souls and pay off the imposed debt.

They are defined as the MYTHOS or crooked race locked into any new fad. They claim the power to appease their "god" and put more power into their acts or works of worship.

In truth, Scripture never defines worship other than listening to Christ through the Word which is INHERENT in the meaning of Christian or Disciple. Students ask but never tell or enhance.

And it ALWAYS provides that any person using external means of rhetoric, singing, playing instruments, acting or using of images is EXCLUDED from the assembly.

Those who are LOGOS centerd are rational or spiritual can click on the links for their own edification. ... Music.html

Paul went through the same process in Ephesians 4 to guarantee the ekklesia or school of
Christ in Ephesians 4. ... rsity.html

The MYTHOS or crooked race will not be able to accept that God is God and they are not.