Purpose Driven Cult: Hohenwald to Maury Hills Church...

Ken Sublett
Ken Sublett

March 25th, 2007, 8:14 pm #1

For those who have poured out the venom on the Hohenwald Thread, I have posted some new stuff.

First, you will remember that Russ Adcox steamed into town filleld with ACU, Max Lucado and the Purpose Driven cult. Before that Promise Keepers had been at work.
People understood that the church was in for trouble and it did nto take long to happen. First, with the style of worship and bringing in a preacher and assistant to help him--single handed with malice aforethought.

The preacher was known to not oppose instruments and agreed with the baptism not essential teaching.
The assistant was known to be a Purpose Driven Cult plant and began to sow discord by aggitating the women for a broader role.

This led by a confrontation from older members who were confirmed in their suspicions and DARED to squeel.

Change the name of the Church; From being Jubilated they had already declared themselves A Family of God, stating "We are a purpose driven church" and the erection of the Shelly four Asherah poles in the forum.

Minimizing baptism: steadfast refusal to speak about it and when confronted confirmed that they did not believe that baptism was necessary. Misusing Campbell etal they reasoned (?) there might be ONE person saved without baptism so we aint gonna preach about it.

Declaring that the elders saw no objection to instumental music. One stating: "I don't care what the Bible says.."

Many on the forums have called me and others liars for posting the statements of those involved (I was never).

Now, that Russ Adcox has diverted a church of Christ into Maury Hills Church, practices open fellowship with the Christian church, and has launched his war against THE LAW OF SILENCE about instruments NO ONE can doubt that Russ etal intended to DIVERT a peaceable church INTO their new cult.

Of course we Bible literates along with all church fathers and founders of denominations KNOW that God speaks LOUDLY from Genesis to Revelation associating instruments with the SERPENT orLUCIFER as the singing and harp playing prostitute to the Mother of Harlots (Rev 17) who USES slick speakers, singers and instrument players whom John called SORCERERS who HAD deceived the whole world. God put out the CANDLES or seven spirits of knowledge and MUSIC was the MARK of Anathema where God truly DEDICATES them or sets them aside in their pagan temples to await the burning: this fits The Book of Enoch.

I will review the Law of Silence and Russ' minimalist understanding of the Bible and all known history here.


It is probably a fact when you, like Rick Atchley, twist all of the Bible and scholarship to PROVE that God COMMANDS INSTRUMENTAL PRAISE and we must not disobey, you THINK that God is silent about CONDEMNING instruments. But THAT is what Jesus did to the Jewish clergy who CHANGED the Law to teach their own false dogma because they could MAKE MORE MONEY.