Pepperdine using Sowers of Discord to breed the NEX GEN PREACHERS

Pepperdine using Sowers of Discord to breed the NEX GEN PREACHERS

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Jeff Walling Youth Leadership Initiative ... ative.html

Jeff Walling is the latest team member of the Pepperdine COHORT Purp;ose Driven to TRANSISTION young preachers into apostasy into all of the things Churches of Christ have always rejected based on Scripture and NOT on theologians or doctors of the law who take away the key to knowledge.

Rick Gibson speaking for Pepperdine University.

As we prepare the future of Bible Lectures and Church Relations at Pepperdine,
Mike Cope and I are committed to doing all we can to build a network around and supportive programs for these young preachers.

Though they have freed themselves from sectarian constrains, many have chosen to stay with their churches. At least for now.

In the coming years, churches of Christ will need to respond, demonstrably, to the Restoration cry coming from this young generation and in so doing may restore their full role of influence in the unfolding Christian story.

The NETWORK is called the COHORT and I can hardly wait to tell you about the PERSONA and ASSASSIN meaning of a COHORT. Tim Spivey calls Mike Cope a SAMURAI who was the ASSASSIN of the nobility but were really country bumpkins.

Christ in Isaiah 58 said that the way to restore the OLD PATHS was NOT to seek your own pleasure or speak your own words. Paul passed reading 101aa and told the self-pleasure speakers, singers, instrument players, actors, dancers to be SILENT so that they could "use one mind and one mouth to speak that which is written for our LEARNING." That is the ONLY purpose of a Christ-Driven Synagogue (the name of the assembly is not church).

Jesus and the Apostles DID THAT and defined anyone who FURTHER EXPOUNDS it is MARKED as a false teacher INTENDING to divert people away from Jesus and the Word (Logos or regulative principle)

It is a Purpose Driven Lie to say that Churches of Christ have never violated the direct command and all examples for the Church in the wilderness as SYNAGOGUE which defines the ASSEMBLY while Ekklesia speaks of indivitual believers command NOT to attend a "kingdom which comes with observation" meaning religious rituals defining Lying Wonders.

They lie because most of the people can be fooled most of the time but Churches of Christ were never joined with the Disciple-Christian churches in any sense. Attending assemblies of Baptist, Methodists, Presbyterians or the REFORMED BAPTISTS (Campbell) BEFORE denominational organization and FEES or the Organ (only we promise).

If anyone blogs or preaches that Churches of Christ SECTED out of the Disciples of Christ in 1906 just tell them that LIARS who along with the "dogs" and singing-playing Sorcerers THEY WILL BE CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE.<b></b> Contrary to Lipscomb-Edward Fudge "forever and forever" means forever and forever.

The Christian Church or NACC didn't begin to begin until 1927 and were finally removed from the Rolls of the Disciples in 1971 at which time the Stone-Campbell Movement lie began the second attack on anyone who would not bow to the use of instrumental idolatry which, at Mount Sinai, was a sin beyond redemption

In early 2015 the semi-finalists will be invited to participate in a two-day regional training event in their area with Jeff Walling and other preaching coaches from the region. At the conclusion of the training event they will present their messages again. Four finalists will be offered another session of personal training and will receive teaching resources including software, books as well as a yearlong mentoring relationship with an active leading preacher.

Each finalist will be given an opportunity to speak at various events such as the North American Christian Convention,
The Tulsa Workshop,
Lipscomb University’s Summer Celebration,
The Pepperdine Bible Lectures
and the Winterfest Youth Conferences.

The SPIRIT Rick Atchley and others heard telling them that the Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned Levites as the PATTERN were called soothsayer-sorcerers-exorcists is named ABADDON OR APOLLYON. He EMERGED to help the Church of the Babylon Mother of harlots use "lusted after fruits" as Craftsmen (parasites), singers and instrument players John calls SORCERERS identifying the original Babylon Mother of harlots or the Queen of Heaven worshipped by women and emasculated men (Christ says in Isaiah 3).

Apollon is the LEADER of the Muses or his "musical worship team" at Delphi, Corinth and other places. The MUSES and GRACES were blue-eyed blond dirty prostitutes as the SHEPHERDESSES of the Church of Abaddon.

Because the once-Christian universities defend the KAIROS church planting of all kinds of churches it is appropriate to tell them that KAIROS is the DEMON son of Zeus as antithesis to Christian School of the Word. He comes at the OPPORTUNE TIME to launch a final attack because HE KNOWS THAT HIS TIME IS SHORT.

If any one from Lipscomb has any insight into the New Lipscomb involved in Ignatian Retreats where Lectio Divina is defined as witchcraft or a Hag Fortune Teller and uses material praising Mary the Mother of Gods.

If Lipscomb plans to USE the New Spawn of Preachers does that mean that they endorse the NACC? Maybe some student will contact us: time is short. I don't find it strange that no one at Lipscomb especially the false teachers have no need to respond to the posting of the TEXT IN CONTEXT to say that they are not interested in the Scriptures which is their ONLY basis for accepting food and shelter. It doesn't matter because Jesus same to seek and save LOST SPIRITS and God hides from the wise or sophists: rhetoric for HIRE, singers or instrument players. MANY (most) are called or invited but FEW (almost none) are chosen because they DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM within His Word. Only 120 alive in Jerusalem as the promised RESERVED REMNANT became disciples while most were pilgrims and obeyed the command to GO with no need for Pepperdine's Organization for Pastoral Rule over a community meaning commune.