Nathaniel on Jezebel and Halal "praise" word.

Ken Sublett
Ken Sublett

April 4th, 2008, 4:24 pm #1

Nathaniel<font color=red> Being the biblical language geek that I am, I can't help but point out the problems with this "sermonette."

First: The name Jezebel most likely means "Where's the prince?" Yes, it is tied to the OT character; however, strictly based off of the meaning of the name itself - I don't see a problem with a worship team bearing that name. I'm sure there would be more explanation needed on behalf of the band; that, however, would be another story.

Second: Your translations of the verb HALAL and the noun ZOE are simply wrong. Halal is the Hebrew verb meaning "to praise." Zoe means "life." That's pretty elementary.

This shows your inadequacy in regards to lexical studies of such a simple nature and debases the rest of your argument, really.

These are stupid issues in the end that are of no consequence. What matters is ministry. What matters is loving people. What matters is how the church is addressing issues like the genocide in Darfur. What matters is how the Church is addressing issues like Invisible Children. What matters is how the church needs to address the racism inherent in the American Justice system.

How about we all get over ourselves and start loving our neighbors like Jesus called us to?</font>

These are fair questions and in light of this church finding DIRECT COMMANDS to add Musical Instruments (machines for doing legalistic or warfare works), and being TOTALLY ignorant or deliberately ignoring all of the TYPES connecting music to Satan and the GODDESS WORSHIP always under a sorta hidden "Jezebel" doing the ELDERING.

First take a quick look at Jezebel and you will have to read the context because you will never hear these stories or see how they are TYPES which jesus CAST OUT: As Jezebel was cast out to the DOGS like DUNG, Jesud cast out the musical minstrels LIKE DUNG and taught that these same Jezebel "musical prophesiers" will not be recognized by God as Jezebel's place is unknown.

I will follow up with the HALAL or "making self vile" word to show that it has the same meaning as the Lord, Lord prophesiers who claimed to cast out demons and perform great services for God.