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Mike Cope and the Pepperdine 2017 gathering will look at the Preacher in several books. The Preacher is:

h6953 qoheleth, ko-hehЂ-leth; feminine of active participle from 6950; a (female) assembler (i.e. lecturer): abstractly, preaching (used as a “nom de plume”, Koheleth):—preacher.

h6950. qahal, ‘kaw-halЂ; a primitive root; to convoke:—assemble (selves) (together), gather (selves) (together)

However the Qahal does not HAVE a preacher:

<font face="arial" size="4">The Holy Convocation which was held on the first and eighth days of festivals and the each REST day after Israel was settled in the land. That "church" had a one piece pattern:

<font face="arial" size="4">Mike Cope is the new workshop leader and Jeff Walling is in charge of diverting Church of Christ youth into some pretty vile stuff.

http://www.piney.com/Rick.Marrs.Pepperd ... lomon.html

Rick Marrs is at Pepperdine this year and he and all of the feminist focused Universities. I don't know what he will say but I have added some information Proving that the Song of Solomon speaking Explicit sex is really the old Sumerian Hieros Gamos which was a sexual ritual between Solomon or other king and one of his concubines.

One of the FAVORITES at the pretend Church Councils at Pepperdine and all of the once-Christian universities is:

Sara Barton Chaplin and Teacher at Pepperdine. We desperately need public, communal language about sex, and we have an oft-overlooked resource in the Bible.

http://www.piney.com/Sara.Barton.The.So ... lomon.html

Another Adornment is:

Laura Buffington SEX and SALVATION: the Song of Solomon or the Hieros Gamos.

http://www.piney.com/Laura.Buffington.S ... Gamos.html

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Mike Cope Performing the Hieros Gamos: this may fulfill Revelation 17-19 where the musical and rhetorical performers are called sorcerers and will be CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE. Fire is always associated with instrumental idolatry.

http://www.piney.com/Mike.Cope.2017.PBL ... Gamos.html

When Paul silenced women he also silenced men. He was speaking of a class of men made up their own sermons like the Scribes and Pharisees: Jesus called the Hypocrites by referencing Isaiah 29 and Ezekiel 33. These were performance preachers for HIRE, singers and instrument players. Jesus silenced them because this was the mark of preachers who have no intention of speaking the FREE WATER OF THE word which WE are commanded not to pay for. The audience like most had no intention of obeying anything from God.

Women were silenced based on EVE and based on the LAW: the "sholars" understand neither. Genesis is not about the creation of the universe but of the Hebrew People God rescued from the SUMERIANS who began to create or "cast down" heavens and earth close to the B.C. 4000 date. By definition neither male nor female will sell any of their body parts pretending to appease a god for you if you let them pick your widow's purse.

They were aroused along with their customers pretending that their gibberish (CCM) was a god speaking to them. The feminists and effeminate still claim to "lead you into the presence of God" proven by the arousal which is always part of IMPURE RELIGION. In all of the SILENCE passages the reason they or their male counterpart DENIED Paul's reason even if they understand it.

<font size="5">1Tim. 2:5 For there is ONE GOD,
and one mediator between God and men,
the MAN Christ Jesus;

Music which was prophesied and fulfilled as MOCKING Jesus as they turned Him into a Human Sacrifice. Its root meaning is as performed by the Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned Levites to "make the lambs dumb before the slaughter."

Music AND the trinity are marks of the rise of the original Babylon Mother of Harlots: she uses lusted after fruits as clergy who are ANY religious craftsman, singer or instrument player. Both are derived from the Tripple Goddess.

The Jewish clergy says that Jesus claimed to be God and therefore blasphemed.
Jesus said that the clergy BLASPHEMED because He always said that He was the SON of God.
By making this denial anyone who claims that Jesus was God and has been replaced by A spirit god, they are according to thesis of Ephesians 4 LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE.

The watching world looks on in wonder as the PERSONA begins acting on the stage with women and flee for their souls.

Laura Buffington:

http://www.piney.com/Laura.Buffington.S ... Gamos.html

With sex playing such a prominent role in the art and life of OUR culture, the church would be wise to reclaim the metaphor of sex AS salvation Making the whole story of our lives about the salvation found in physical intimacy is to miss the grander picture of intimate salvation promised to Beloved Humanity by God the Lover.

Paul warned you.

http://www.piney.com/Sara.Barton.The.So ... lomon.html

my pastoral impulse this week is to proclaim the message of the Song of Songs. And here’s why: We desperately need public, communal language about sex, and we have an oft-overlooked resource in the Bible. Song of Songs is unique in several ways, one of which is the fact that it’s the only place in Scripture where a woman’s voice leads the conversation (the woman speaks 61 of 117 verses). In light of what we’ve heard lately, it seems like a good time to let a wise woman speak about sexual activity that’s right and good, a woman who not only speaks but sings and shouts about intimate, sensual, erotic passion. And in all her talk about kissing, touching, tasting, and smelling, she does not offend with crass or vulgar language. She exemplifies how it’s possible to speak about sex and intimacy appropriately. We might do well to let her teach us a thing or two.

The planetary gods Nardouk (Jupiter), Adar (Saturn), Istar (Venus, Zoe, Lucifer), Nergal (Mars), and Nebo (Mercury),* were all worshiped by the ancient Israelites. Istar was called "Queen of the Stars." Moloch, the rival of Jehovah, who shared for centuries the worship of the Hebrews, had his blazing star, the emblem of his implacable cruelty. The worship of Astarte, daughter of the moon, and "Queen of Heaven," whose emblem was a star, was introduced by Solomon himself (1 Kings xi, 5; 2 Kings xxiii, 13).

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Sheldon Cooper
October 20 2017, 9:23 PM

Ken Sublett...the Church of Christ version of Sheldon Cooper.

If you're gay, you are out of luck.
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