Lipscomb Summer Celebration 2016 Instrumental Apostasy

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You must have the MARK where the BEAST is a new style of music or satyric (gender tender) drama to BUY and SELL since the arousal of Apollon--Abaddon and his muses (locust) worship team. ... stasy.html

The KEY Blasphemy was expressed by Joseph Shulam trying to restore Judaism which God abandoned to worship the starry host because of instrumental idolatry and which was beyond redemption. Nevertheless, Lipscomb makes him a Keynoter or the Revelation King for a Day.

Joseph Shulam "King David: A Poet, a Mafia Boss a King & the Prototype of the Messiah" (Pt. 1) The topic was “King David’s Messiah.” It was a background study to the whole “messianic” idea in Israel and King David as the prototype of the Messiah of the end times. As you well know the prophets beginning with Isaiah and on to the very end of the Bible look at the Messiah as “Son of David.”

The meaning of BEAST in the beginning is the same beast at the end time now handing our MARKS. The Jewish System was Sabazianism:

BEAST: Thērion , includes A. “Sikinnin” D.H.7.72:—Sicinnis, a dance of Satyrs used in the Satyric drama, S.Fr.772, E. l.c., D.H. l.c., Luc.Salt.22: named from its inventor Sicinnus, Ath.1.20e, cf. Scamon 1; or from Sicinnis, a nymph of Cybele, although originally danced in honour of Sabazios, Arr.Fr.106J.— Also written Sikinnon , to/, Suid.; Sikinna ,

Sa^bazios , ho, (Sabos) a Phrygian deity, whose mysteries resembled the teletai of Dionysus, Thphr.Char.27.8 (but Sabadion [acc.] ib.16.4, cf. Dessau Inscr.Lat.Sel.2189), Nymphis [brides in Revelation 18) 11; hence afterwards taken as a name of Dionysus himself, Ar.V.9, Av.875, Lys.388; A.“theō Sabaziō pagkoiranō” CIG3791 (Bithynia), cf. IG12(5).27 (Sicinus); “Di Sabaziō”

We have noted that the Jehovah and Elohim words are generic so that the True God always identifies Himself in connection with a person or an event.

Iamblichus wrote Of the Hebrew Kadeshim Thus "Bacchus was directly called upon," he says. The Sabazian worship was Sabbatic; the names Evius, or Hevius, and Luaios are identical with Hivite and Levite. The French name Louis is the Hebrew Levi; Iacchus again is Iao or Jehovah; and Baal or Adon, like Bacchus, was a phallic god. "Who shall ascend into the hill (the high place) of the Lord?" asks the holy king David, "who shall stand in the place of his Kadushu [[Heb char]]"? (Psalms xxiv. 3). Kadesh may mean in one sense to devote, hallow, sanctify, and even to initiate or to set apart; but it also means the ministers of lascivious rites (the Venus-worship) and the true interpretation of the word Kadesh is bluntly rendered in Deuteronomy xxiii. 17; Hosea iv. 14; and Genesis xxxviii., from verses 15 to 22. The "holy" Kadeshuth of the Bible were identical as to the duties of their office with the Nautch-girls of the later Hindu pagodas.

The Hebrew Kadeshim or galli [concision, Dogs, Catamites] lived "by the house of the Lord, where the women wove hangings for the grove," or bust of Venus-Astarte, says verse the seventh in the twenty-third chapter of 2 Kings.

The dance performed by David round the ark was the "circle-dance" said to have been prescribed by the Amazons for the Mysteries. Such was the dance of the daughters of Shiloh (Judges xxi. 21, 23 et passim), and the leaping of the prophets of Baal (I Kings xviii. 26). It was simply a characteristic of the Sabean worship, for it denoted the motion of the planets round the sun.

That the dance was a Bacchic frenzy is apparent. Sistra were used on the occasion, and the taunt of Michael and the king's reply are very expressive. "The king of Israel uncovered himself before his maid-servants as one of the vain (or debauched) fellows shamelessly uncovereth himself." And he retorts: "I will play (act wantonly) before [[Heb char]], and I will be yet more vile than this, and I will be base in my own sight. ... ransparent
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In the last two decades the KEY PEOPLE have lied, cheated and stolen the congregations of widows and HONEST working people. The intention at Madison was to turn it into "A theater for holy entertainment." in other words, make a SPECTACLE of Jesus and prove that THEY do not have to obey the Word, Logos or Regulative Principle which God imaged forth in Jesus. As a true SON He spoke only what the FATHER revealed to Him and commanded that others speak only what HE had commanded to be taught and observed.

I remind you that they are not ignorant as Ephesians 4 warns but LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE.


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The Egyptian Opis (Apis) and others which Israel worshipped at Mount Sinal were worshipped throughout the area. "In preference to all other hymns these choirs generally sang the so-called epiphany hymns, which were intended to invite the gods to appear.

Plutarch wrote: Why do the women of Elis call upon God in song to approach them with the bull's foot? Their song is the following:

Come, Dionysus, Hero,
into the holy temple of Elis,
together with the Graces
come violently into the temple with the bull's foot!
Then they sang twice at the end: "Sacred Bull!" (Johannes Quasten, Music & Worship in Pagan and Christian Antiquity, p. 76)

"For nonliterate peoples, music often serves purposes other than entertainment or aesthetic enjoyment. Certain wind instrument are closely associated with the supernatural, and their sounds connote powerful magic. Australian Aborigines, for instance, identify the sound of a bull-roarer with thevoices of supernatural beings; for the Plains Indians, the same sound signifies an awesome natural phenomenon, such as thunder. Wind instruments are often among a group's most important ritual objects, and in some cultures they are specially venerated. The Kamairua Indians of the Amazon rain forest keep their giant flutes (three to four feet long), wherein spirits are believed to dwell, in a special shrine where they are worshiped. The flutes and drums of New Guinea are similarly housed and worshiped.

"Wind instruments in primitive cultures also serve nonreligious functions. In New Guinea, bamboo trumpets were once played
<font color="#FF0000">to frighten an enemy during battle and
to alert a village that the victorious warriors
were coming home with the corpses of the foes.

"Conch-shell trumpets are used for signaling in the Pacific coastal regions of Columbia and in the Ecuadoran highlands. Trumpets also may be associated with the office of king or chief, as in West Africa, where their use is strictly controlled by tribal law. "wind instrument" Encyclopædia Britannica Online.

This is almost identical to Moses' understanding of the SOUNDS he heard:

Ex. 32:17 And when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted, he said unto Moses, There is a noise of war in the camp.
Ex. 32:18 And he said,
It is not the voice of them that shout for mastery,
neither is it the voice of them that cry for being overcome

but the noise of them that sing do I hear.

Sing is canto to produce melodious sounds (by the voice or an instrument), to sound, sing, play, tubă,
cantatur et psallitur, of instruments, to sound, resound: In the lang. of religion, as v. n. or a., to use enchantments, charms, incantations, to enchant, to charm, light the FIRE of passion

Both SOP and PSALLO derive from grinding something into a fine powder: usually the laded burden or "spiritual anxiety created by religious ritual.

Ex. 32:19 And it came to pass, as soon as he came nigh unto the camp, that he saw the calf, and the dancing: and Moses’ anger waxed hot, and he cast the tables out of his hands, and brake them beneath the mount.
Ex. 32:20 And he took the calf which they had made, and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder, and strawed it upon the water, and made the children of Israel drink of it.

Before this there was no mandatory animal slaughter or burnt offerings (holocaust).

That is what caused God to give them THE BOOK OF THE LAW to legislate for the lawless until He carried out the captivity and death sentence.

The WORKSHOP people skip over this and use the Exodus as a PATTERN for the Church. They pretend that there is NOTHING in the Bible against Instrumental Praise when the Church is a School of the Word.

Catholics baptized bells and rang them to prevent lightening strikes: the passing bell was to give the dead spirit a head start. They also baptized pipe organs.

Christians who are not yet disciples claim that their singing can lead the worshipers into the presence of "God."</font>
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