John 13 Judas the Instrumental Sicarri--Assassin

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Dave quoted the "love" dodge word from John 13 so I did a chapter study.

Since some of the Psalms are prophetic (not for legal acts) and Christ spoke through the prophets and Jesus of Nazareth made these prophecies more certain we are more than hinted that we should look where Jesus points. Psalm 22, 41, 69 and 109 (and maybe more) spell out the JUDAS PATTERN in words with identical meaning in the Greek, Hebrew and Latin, it is important to DEFINE the Words Jesus used by seeing how they were used and understood at that time by even simple people who worshipped ONLY by attending the synagogue.

It is informative as well as more enlightening than listening to sermons too often elevating himself, each word leads you to the actual literature and other words. The statements made by Jesus are statemments madeby other people when MARKING out the Judas-Lucifer-Devil-Son of Perdition persona as the mortal enemy of God and HIS Word. I post the "stretched" material to discover that no one will ever find religious music other than by characters intending to pick your pockets: Scribes and Pharises were hypocrites: self preachers, singers and instrument players.

The LOVE promoted by the musical discorders is that which Jesus DEFEATED when God removed Judas-the flute player-out of the scene to validate Jesus as speaking FROM God and never of Himself.
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