Joe Shulam teaching Jewish Identity or Hebraic Roots

Joe Shulam teaching Jewish Identity or Hebraic Roots

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Jacob cursed the tribe of Levi and God abandoned them to worship the starry host because they proved that they had not and would never abandoned the SABAZIANISM of Egypt.

The synagogue must have existed because Jacob warned the godly not to attend their qahal or assembly and Christ (the Rock) defined the synagogue both inclusively and exclusively. The synagogue was a School of the Word of God and nothing more.

Most Christianism and neo-Judaism is put together by the merchants to exploit and confiscate the money of the godly poor.

SABBATH means REST and was never a day of "worship" other than giving attention to the Word of God and resting on one day out of SEVEN during seed time and harvest. This was not a religious concept but to protect the poor from the land owners and SUN WORSHIPERS on the superstitious seventh day of the week.

Rick Atchley and those who twisted all of God's Word to impose instruments used the Hebraic Roots pattern of the Levites as God's COMMAND for musical worship teams with or without instruments. We have shown that the Levites had been turned over to EXECUTE anyone who came near the closed gates: they were Soothsayers with Instrumental accompaniment: Scripture and recorded history calls the SOOTHSAYERS or SORCERERS and their work is witchraft. In Isaiah and Revelation they areor have been cast alive into the lake of fire.

Joe Shulam and others infiltrating the Church of Christ have had lots of effect on preachers visiting the "holy lands." ... Model.html

Joe Shulam teaches that the Way of the Lord includes Jewish Identity or Jewish Roots in order to properly understand the Bible.

Joseph Shulam: Netivyah "The Way of the Lord." ... .Lord.html

The Way of the Lord began with the prophecy made to Eve that the seed of the woman would crush Satan.
God in Christ gavethe only Spiritual Covenant and the command was to TEACH everyone.

The Fleshly Israelites were turned over to worship the starry host because of musical idolatry at Mount Sinai.

Again Christ the Rock quarantined the godly people from the sacrificial system and Star and Serpent worship.

Paul ignores the Old Testament period and makes obedience of the faith at baptism as the way for Gentiles to be grafted into the Abrahamnic Roots as the synagogue or School of Christ

Jewish Identity or Hebraic Roots serves the same purpose as it did when Jesus Came.
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