Invitation to the Baptists

Invitation to the Baptists

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Brian L. Hedrick Baptist Biblical Foundations for Instrumental Music In Worship ... rship.html

Brian L Hedrick builds his foundation for instrumental music on four pillars. Each of these pillars seems--like those in churches of Christ--are pulled out of a topical Bible because there is never any evidence that he has read any of the clearstory.

His first pillar includes Charles Spurgeon who denounces the use of instruments in no uncertain terms and affirms that this is the view of all of the church fathers.

In time I will look at the other pillars.

Brian and the Baptists do not know that the Baptists split over the introductions on the same grounds that the Church of Christ continued to NOT DO what it had NEVER DOON. As late as the turn of the 20th century they were still dividing.