Hixon Church for Mike since that forum is pretty quiet.

Hixon Church for Mike since that forum is pretty quiet.

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Can someone please tell me why Mike Seale, their former preacher (2005-2007, I think) was fired? He came to a church in west Memphis, Arkansas that some of my family attends, , and has wrecked it so badly that it has gone from 550 members down to 250. And he has never told the truth about why he was fired from his previous preaching position(s). Many people have been hurt, and deserve answers. Thank you.

Mike Seale is listed by Jay Guin as the founding father of The Progressive Church of Christ. Here is his twitter

Michael Seale (@ThaPreacherMike) | Twitter<b>


The latest Tweets from Michael Seale (@ThaPreacherMike). Inside the mind of the preacher at Missouri Street Church of Christ. Jesus first, then the Christian ...</b>

The Just Jesus cult really means Just Me because Jesus commanded that he teach only what He has commanded to be taught and observed. You might just be Ignorant but the Guin Cult according to Paul in Ephesians 4 are LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE

That is charitable because it isn't possible to be so Biblically ignorant. A few sermons

http://www.truthcasting.com/The-MoSt-Ch ... 890.sermon