Hang ON the BRANCH or hang FROM the branch.

Ken Sublett
Ken Sublett

December 5th, 2006, 6:30 pm #1

False Branch APOLLYON and the MUSES as SORCERERS in Revelation.
True Branch Jesus Christ The Son of God whose SEVEN SPIRIT all relate to divine KNOWLEDGE and outlaw the MUSES.

Apollyon and his Muses are also the fales HEALERS or PURIFIERS through musical madness.
Jesus is the Great Physician Who heals Souls

When people have such hatred for the Word of God "taught as it has been taught" He sends them strong deluders or "wandering stars" which points to the MARK of the BEAST (ZOE or PAN) as the "singing and harp playing prostitute. The FRUITS they lusted after always meant FRUITS and that is why Paul said that worship is in the PLACE of the human spirit because outside there be DOGS or catamites howling for a mate. In Acts 20 the WOLVES speak directly of perverted men who slip in wearing still-wed "sheep skins" and then hire his team. This is NOT a proplem: it is a MARK that a group has moved beyond redemption for proving that they hate the Word by hiring rhetoricians, actors, singers and musicians to stand in the Holy Place to PREVENT the whole body from performing as ekklesia or synagogue or school of the Bible.

Scripture is a book of POINTERS: for instance, the Branch of the Terrible ones in Isaiah means "singing with musical instruments." Never read Isaiah, huh?

The seven SPIRITS which would rest on Messiah as the BRANCH is clearly defined as seven forms of divine knowledge. In the end of the game (probably at your Cirke) the Mother Harlot (Sophia-Zoe) procures special rhetoricians, singers, musicians and "grinders" which speaks of prostitutes. John called them SORCERERS who HAD deceived the whole world.

I am sure that none of the Greek Gurus who lie about music have ever read the Classics such as Strabo. John had and therefore sent a SECRET message in Revelation to fool the fools who lead the blind glad to be blind as long as someone takes their money and abuses them with song and sermon and "ministries."

Strabo in Geography 9:


<font color=red>Branchus, who presided over the temple at Didyma, is called a descendant of Machaereus. [Defined by Hislop]</font>

  • <font color=blue>As the true Messiah was prophesied of under the title of the "Man whose name was the branch," he was celebrated not only as the "Branch of Cush," but as the "Branch of God," graciously given to the earth for healing all the ills that flesh is heir to. *

    As the prophets and priests generally bore the names of the gods whom they represented (Hesychius expressly tells us that the priest who represented the great god under the name of the branch in the mysteries was himself called by the name of Bacchus), this indicates one of the ancient names of the god of Delphi.</font>
This defines the Abomination of Desolation in the temple in Jerusalem which was marked with music, sex and homosexuality right into the Holy Places. History notes that the "god" the Jews worshipped at the time of Jesus was Bacchus or Dionysus and that is why He spoke in parables to them to PREVENT them from hearing the gospel. They had predestinated themselves by joining the Mother of Harlots. SHE is defined for now in Revelation 17-18

See the sad story in First Maccabees or a TEAM coming to your VENUE.


Defined in Iamblichus.III
  • <font color=blue>The woman also who delivers the oracles in verse at Branchidal, whether she is holding the staff 30 which was first presented by a divinity and becomes filled with the divine luminance, or whether she sits upon a wheel and predicts what is to occur, or whether she dips her feet or the border of her robe in the water, or receives the god by inhaling vapor from the water, she becomes by all these ways prepared for the reception, and partakes of him from without. 31</font>
    <font color=purple>
    • 30. The staff, rod, wand, scepter, or baton, as the symbol or authority, possesses the greatest antiquity. It appears in mythology as the
      scepter of Zeus charged with lightning,
      the caduceus of Hermes that lulled to sleep,
      the staff of Asclepius with healing virtue,
      the narthex or thyrsos of Bacchus,
      and the club of Heracles.

      Every Roman Senator carried a wand. The rods of Moses and Aaron, the staff of the prophet, the wand of Kirkê [Circe], the magic divining staff and the bishop's crosier belong in the same category.

      31. Branchidia or Didymea was situated near Milletus in Ionia. The temple was very ancient. It was twice burned by the Persians. The structure was of the Ionic order, but a straight road, which led from it to the sea, was bordered on each side with statues on charis of a single block of stone with the feet close together and the hands on the knees precisely as at the avenues of the temples of Egypt. There was an Egyptian influence in Asia Minor and the islands of the Levant in very ancient times.
Jesus said that the Disciplels COULD NOT carry this symbol of authority which the Jewish Dionysus priests used. This is one of those PARABLE words Jesus ALWAYS used on the Scribes (song, sermon writers), Pharisees (sellers at retail) and Hypocrites (rhetoricians, singers, musicians)

Music was always connected to WORSHIP WARS: if you lost you could be skinned alive (something like The Law of Giving?) Have you noted that "four part Fanny is really a race or WAR of PARTS? Fits the pagan PATTERNISM.

<font color=red>[10] As for the contests at Delphi, there was one in early times between citharoedes, who sang a paean in honor of the god; it was instituted by the Delphians. But after the Crisaean war, in the time of Eurylochus,17 the Amphictyons instituted equestrian and gymnastic contests in which the prize was a crown, and called them Pythian Games.</font>

Next, I will look at some of the words to PROVE that those who use music and musicians constitute church or CIRCE who was one of the Mother's of Harlots. The MARKS of performance rhetoricians, singers, musicians, craftsmen (theater builders and stage managers) and the MILLSTONE (a fluteing sound pointing to the grinders or prostitues prove to JOHN that these "theaters for holy entertainment" are engaged in what John and all word definitions prove as SORCERY.

To giggle about INFILTRATING and DIVERTING peaceable churches into being a theater (a Spectacle of worship) will prove to any one with EYES and EARS that Lucifer (Zoe) or Apollyon and his MUSES have taken you captive. They LULL you to sleep and then sting you with their tails and you are--according to all known literature--dead and being held captive for easy left behind.

No preacherling-hireling or PhDuh can refute it and they DON'T HAVE TO: they have stolen the keys to the church house and YOU are enablers.

Ken Sublett
Ken Sublett

December 12th, 2006, 6:08 pm #2

http://www.denverpost.com/portlet/artic ... 6#comments

Navigators have determined that 85% of "pastors' are feminine-directed while 85% of the 'paying audienc' is straight.

When you see the sudden hostile takeove by charismatic rhetoricians who then imposes theatrical or musical performance quite willing to deliberately sow discord, history proves that you are an enabler. Don't be fooled by sermons: they all preach against homosexuality but the BITE marks are proven by the Bible and all contemporaneous literature of the time.

If your spouse can get enthused to sing, clap and do body dancing when the singy-clappy fella manipulates you then YOU may need to get some help.

Someone has started a new religion for STRAIGHT MALES: I think it will work.