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June 30th, 2013, 9:07 pm #1 uses the Language of Violence to show how they intend to call Paul a liar. ... hrist.html

.I have done a quick study on the rise of the SECT called "Gender Inclusive and Egalitarian Churches of Christ." ... hrist.html

In fact it is Gender-Conlicted men with no role and no dole who try to veil the idea that BOTH male and female are to be SILENT and PEACEFUL so that "we might ALL come to a knowledge of the Truth."

It is sad, but they just tell Christ in prophecy and Paul that they are liars and WE know better because OUR Culture has changed. Wow! culture is always a changing on us. The problem is that they are not and cannot be CHRISTIANS which are DISCIPLES of Christ. A disciple of Christ obeys the command to "teach and observe what HE commanded to be taught. That is a short period each week which gives the PATRIARCHIAL or WORD or SPIRIT people a time to worship which is UNIQUELY to give attention to the PREACHING of the WORD by the READING of the Word for comfort and doctrine.

To take people's money under the pretense that you are going to FORM THEIR SPIRIT is blasphemy at worst and robbing at best.

Katanysxis: the Music-Stupor connection. Ephesians 5

When Jesus marked the Scribes and Pharisees as hypocrites he quotes Isaiah 29. However, the same story is included in Ezekiel 33 where the hypocrites are names as self-authoring and entertaining preachers, singers and instrument players. They are DRUNKEN WITHOUT WINE. Paul explains how that was happening in Ephesus and why they should fill up with the WORD of God instead of being filled to EXCESS with Dionysus.

Eph. 5:17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.
Eph. 5:18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;

Excess defines the effect of the "getting drunk on wine" orgies (wrath) of Dionysus which was a real danger in Ephesus.

luxŭrĭo , B. Of style: “in qua (oratione),animals: wantonness, friskiness, frolicsomeness, riotous living, extravagance, profusion, luxury, excess:

The Command was to SPEAK that which is written for our learning (Romans 15)
AND ODE and PSALLO are in the heart which defines silent.

The word drunk or METHE means to be FULL of something and implies STUPOR or the inability to understand WORDS because of MUSIC. Even in the Symposium where the 'crooked race' used wine and the harp boy and flute girl to stimulate the wine drinking, if they needed to discuss anything they sent the boys and girls out. There are many proofs that musicians INTENDED to dumb down the audience so they could be fleeced.

Plutarch agrees with other history that the "god" of the Jews was Dionysus: they piped hoping to get Jesus to lament (sing) and dance while being initiated into the gay priesthood. When Jesus refused to bow down they murdered Him. Amos and Stephen along with much of the Old Testament NAMES the gods the Jews worshipped after God turned them over to worship the starry host.

The TRIGGER to the end time apostasy began with the New Wineskins Magazine and the Dionysus wineskins definition of a church able to STRETCH and contain all of the fermenting and changing world.

This is what Paul tried to prevent in Ephesus. THIS is what tyrants impose in legalistic Worship Services fleecing the widows to pay THEIR staff.

Plutarch Marcus Antonius:

XXIII. Plut. Ant. 23.1 After that, Caesar was conveyed to Rome, and it was thought he would not live long, nor escape the sickness he had. Antonius on the other side went towards the east provinces and regions to levy money: and first of all he went into Greece, and carried an infinite number of soldiers with him. Now, because every soldier was promised five thousand silver drachmas, he was driven of necessity to impose extreme tallages [imposts] and taxations. At his first coming into Greece, he was not hard nor bitter unto the Grecians, but gave himself-only to hear wise men dispute, to see plays, and also to note the ceremonies and sacrifices of Greece, ministering justice to every man: and it pleased him marvellously to hear them call him Philellen (as much to say, a lover of the Grecians), and specially the Athenians, to whom he did many great pleasures. Wherefore the Megarians, to exceed the Athenians, thinking to shew Antonius a goodly sight, [p. 172] they prayed him to come and see their senate-house and council hall. Antonius went thither to see it. So when he had seen it at his pleasure, they asked him: "My lord, how like you our hall?', "Me thinks," quoth he, "it is little, old, and reedy to fall down." Furthermore he took measure of the temple of APOLLO Pythias, and promised the senate to finish it.

XXIV. But when he was once come into Asia, having left Lucius Censorinus governor in Greece, and that he had felt the riches and pleasures of the east parts, and that princes, great lords, and kings, came to wait at his gate for his coming out: and that queens and princesses, to excel one another, gave him very rich presents, and came to see him, curiously setting forth themselves, and using all art that might be to shew their beauty, to win his favour the more (Caesar in the mean space turmoiling [troubling] his wits and body in civil Wars at home, Antonius living merrily and quietly abroad), he easily fell again to his old licentious life.

For straight,
<font color="#FFFFFF">.....
one Anaxenor, a player of the cithern [guitarist],
.....Xoutus, a player of the flute,
.....Metrodorus a tumbler,
.....and such a rabble of minstrels and ministers for the pleasures of Asia
.....(who in fineness and flattery passed all the other plagues he brought with him out of Italy)
all these flocked in his court, and bare the whole sway: and after that all went awry.

For every one gave themselves to riot and excess, when they saw he delighted in it: and all Asia was like to the city Sophocles speaketh of in one of his tragedies:

.....Was full of sweet perfumes and pleasant songs,
.....With woeful weeping mingled there-amongs.

For in the city of Ephesus, WOMEN, attired as they go in the feasts and sacrifice of [Dionysus] Bacchus,
.....came out to meet him with such solemnities and ceremonies are then used: with men and children disguised like fauns and satyrs.

Moreover, the city was full of ivy, and darts [SHAKEN REEDS] wreathed about with ivy,
.....psalterions , flutes, and howboyes [hautboys];
and in their songs they called him Bacchus, father of mirth, courteous and gentle
.....and so was he unto some,
.....but to the most part of men cruel and extreme. [Savage]

These are the BEASTS of Revelation and the MARKERS. This is the PATTERN MARKED by music as ONLY PLEASURE, of the PROGRESSIVES

For he robbed noblemen and gentlemen of their goods, give it unto vile flatterers:
.....who oftentimes begged living men's goods though they had been dead,
.....and would enter their houses by force.
.....As he gave a citizen's house of Magnesia unto a cook,
.....because (as it is reported) he dressed him a fine supper.
.....In the end he doubled the taxation, and imposed a second upon Asia.
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I have heard this song about culture and women leaders before here in the mid atlantic region. I have seen leadership backed slowly into the the liberal fan which devours their spiritual backside and their fidelity to the Word. The church that belongs to Christ is not driven by money intake and nose counting. This counting is properly a by product of adherence to the word not the foundation of the churches need for "growth". The church that It is founded upon and driven by fidelity to the word. This is who belongs to Christ. The culture we live in has to be challenged and at times we are to be an adversary to what culture teaches and holds as valuable. This adversarial role is not to be negotiated away by the preacher, the elders, teachers or any other influential member including those who give large sums into the treasury. Remember that we cannot be ashamed of Christ in this wicked and adulterous generation not can we expect peace between ourselves and the world.

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