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<font size=3 color=indigo face=times new roman>The expression “Change Agents” is not made up. The change agents operating in the brotherhood, individuals or institutions, are for real—their objective to restructure the church that Christ established, although misguided or misdirected, is real.

I realize that the message below will be ridiculed and rejected by the liberals and left-wing conspirators who still claim to be members of this church just as much as by those who have left the church or by members of other religious faiths. That, of course, is sad and unfortunate, and I strongly feel the need to post this very important message.

— Donnie Cruz</font>

  • <font face=arial>Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    In the great apostasy of the late 19th century, Christian schools led the way in departing from the New Testament standards. The same is occurring today. A vivid example of this is seen in the upcoming Conference on Preaching hosted by David Lipscomb University in Nashville. Read this and weep all ye who love the church. Please share this information with other saints.

    — John Waddey


    <font size=4>

    <font color=black size=3 face=times new roman>David Lipscomb University has announced its Conference on Preaching for Oct. 16-18, 2008. The theme will be Reclaiming the Imagination.

    Founded by godly Christian men who saw the role of the school as that of a faithful servant to the Lord's church, Lipscomb's current leadership has a different vision for their school. Since the retirement of Willard Collins, the school has turned away from the old paths of New Testament Christianity. With the coming of Dr. Randolph Lowry as president, all pretense was cast aside and now the school is firmly in the camp of the change agents who are wracking the church.

    The speakers for this Conference on Preaching demonstrate this fact.
      • There is Walter Brueggemann of Columbia Theological Seminary of Decatur, GA. He is a United Church of Christ minister. Acclaimed as "the most heuristic interpreter of the Old Testament. ("Rev." Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago was Mr. Obama's minister).
      • There is Brian McLaren, pastor of the Cedar Ridge Community Church. Author of "Everything Must Change." He is the leader of the Emergent Church movement.
      • There is Cleophus J. LaRue of Princeton Theological Seminary, a Missionary Baptist minister. He is the author of "This is My Story; Testimonies and Sermons of Black Women in Ministry."
      • There is Dennis Dewy, storyteller and minister of the Presbyterian Church USA.
      • There is Jerry Taylor of Abilene Christian University and organizer of the New Wineskins Retreat. He is associate minister with Mike Cope of the Highland Church of Christ of Abilene, TX. Bro. Taylor, Cope, the Highland Church and ACU are all in the forefront of the change movement.
      • There is Mark Hamilton of ACU, editor of the One-Volume Bible Commentary from ACU Press. This is an ecumenical endeavor whose authors "typically espouse standard critical conclusions (multi-source Pentateuch, multiple Isaiahs, two-source hypothesis for the Synoptic Gospels)." "The commentary strikes out in directions that will be new to most general readers within the movement" (Quotes from Mark Hamilton in the Stone Campbell Journal Fall, 2006). For those who may not know, the description he gives of his book is a description of theological liberalism.
      • There is John York of Lipscomb minister of the Woodmont Hills Church and long-time associate of Rubel Shelly.
    Why would a school operated by members of the Church of Christ have such a panel of speakers to speak on preaching?
      • They represent what the change movement is all about.
      • They wish to demolish the view that the Church of Christ is Christ's one true church.
      • They want to be accepted in the circle of the Protestant denominations.
      • They want to introduce changes to the faith, worship and work of the church including the mystical approaches of the Emergent Church movement.
      • They want to influence as many of our preachers and ministerial students as possible so they will be receptive to the change agenda and introduce it into the churches they serve.
    If you will do a Google search on Lipscomb University, Conference on Preaching and then click on Speakers you will notice that the promoters of this program, fail to mention the denominational affiliation of their speakers, save for those who are associated with the Church of Christ. Unsuspecting participants will only discover this when the conference begins. This keeps uninformed critics from realizing just who will be featured on the program.

    The path leading away from biblical Christianity and into apostasy is broad. It is attractive and filled with numerous enticements. It takes years to finish the trip and by the time people reach the destination their hearts are so jaded that they feel they have found spiritual treasure in the land of disobedience. Their knowledge of God's word has been so diluted that they think error is truth and truth is error.

    The leaders of Lipscomb received a spiritual asset from dedicated Christians who went before them and have now traded it for a worthless imitation of the religion of Christ. </font>

    John Waddey, Editor
    Christianity: Then and Now

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Ken Sublett
Ken Sublett

September 7th, 2008, 11:46 pm #2

You can read Lipscomb's Preaching broadside here:

It is a fact that most of the experts are from the denominations: one can only imagine that this may be for staff to gain credibility in the DENOMINATIONAL world of Babble Scholars. Or, maybe consistent with last years same use of something like witchcraft, it is a continuing effort to dispose of the WRITTEN TEXT and try to make the fools believe that THEY have the power to EXTRACT "that which is absent" and "making present that which is inaccessible." In any realm but theology for which there is no certificate of need, someone would do a confrontation and get these silly people into some help.

I have begun a review here.

I wanted to get it on line but I will do a rebuttal. I will probably have <font color=blue>LINKS</font> to a rebuttal of each point which will be quite easy especially since I will read the INK ON PAPER and not hallucinate my response. Here is how it begins:

<font color=blue>Reclaiming the Imagination:
The Exodus as Paradigmatic Narrative for Preaching
This conference proposes that WE allow the worlds imagined
in the essential biblical narratives
to dramatically shape our preaching and lives.

We believe that preaching reconstitutes biblical paradigms when it engages Scripture’s vision

1. by representing what is absent
2. and making present what is inaccessible
3. to the end that followers of God will live into a God-shaped reality.</font>

They are bringing Dennis Dewey (PCUSA) on board to learn how to preach STORIES or DRAMA because YOU live in the post-literate world. This is loaded with Doctor of the Law--whom Jesus fired--speak but it just makes us all see them as a laughingstock as God and the watchers saw the EXODUS rising up to play in musica, dramatic idolatry.

You can see what David Lipscomb STILL thinks about these silly people as do the OWNERS who have had their "investment" infiltrated and diverted.

I will begin examining their <font color=red>The- O Lite</font> speak pretty soon.

Ken Sublett
Ken Sublett

September 9th, 2008, 10:42 pm #3

I would think that if you bring in an EXPERT to indoctrinate your preacher trainlings, and apparently limit the conference, and in light of the eternal chatter since I moved to Tennessee in 1980, can we assume that Lipscomb University agrees with some of the favorite themes of Walter Brueggemann? Since David Fleer's book has been endorsed by Walter Brueggemann maybe there is some "capitalist" connection after.

<font color=blue>Some modern themes Brueggeman addresses include consumerism, conspicuous consumption, the "wanton exhibitionism of the wealthy," "shameless luxury," exploitation of the vulnerable and resourceless, covetous agribusiness of "avaricious landowners," self indulgence, injustice, urban decline, hypocrisy, militarism, social exploitation, geopolitics of superpowers, and nuclear waste.</font>

Karl Marx couldn't have said it better! All of those big-time donors should wake up and smell something! But Theology is one of those MERCHANDISING CLASS Jesus repudiated: "The Doctors of the law take away the key to knowledge." Furthermore, is ANYTHING Christian really for SALE. Can anything for sale really be Christian?

Brueggermann gives two examples of God giving laws and then later directly violating them: I have posted the Scriptures to prove that he has never read them, does not see the time frame and does not distinguish between Scribal recording of the Law as a curse, and the Spirit of Christ in the prophets.

The other worry about whether Lipscomb University PREACHER staff also endorses the belief that the Bible's statement against HOMOSEXUALITY was changedand being a CAPITALISTS guarantees that you are probably ANTIGAY.

Lipscomb University Conference on Preaching: Walter Brueggermann And we make <font color=blue>“a huge leap to imagine that an ancient Purity Code in Leviticus 18 bears upon consenting gays and lesbians in the twenty-first century…” (although gay people find supposedly more sound argument in Brueggeman’s earlier idea of situational - perhaps, more accurately, evolutional – abrogation of earlier biblical decrees).

The justice trajectory has “decisively and irreversibly defeated the purity trajectory” (196) in light of the gospel.

There is enough truth in every such interpretive posture and strategy -- and a hundred others we might name -- to make it credible and to gather a constituency for it. But it is not ideologically innocent, and therefore has no absolute claim.

In a disputatious church, a healthy practice might be to reflect upon the ideological passion not of others, but on one’s self and one’s cohorts.

I believe that such reflection would invariably indicate that every passionate interpretive voice is shot through with vested interest, sometimes barely hidden.

It is completely predictable that interpreters who are restrictive about gays and lesbians
willcharacteristically advocate high capitalism and a strong national defense.

Conversely, those who are ‘open and affirming"
will characteristically maintain a critique of consumer capitalism,
and consensus on a whole cluster of other issues.

One can argue that such a package only indicates a theological-ethical coherence. Perhaps, but in no case is the package innocent, since we incline to make our decisions without any critical reflection, but only in order to sustain the package.</font>

On the other hand, the Bible and history affirm that those who reject the Word of God and turn to musical performance and rhetorical preaching are shot through with homosexuality." Jesus identified hypocrites by pointing to "rhetoricians, singers and musicians."

In Hazards of the Mainline, this MANTRA of anti-democracy and pro homosexuals proves just to be one of the "floating" concepts which scholars cherry pick from other scholars:

Pro Homosexual:
<font color=purple> The push in the mainline church, then, is to accept homosexuality as a perfectly viable option. The most visible cause has been the ordaining of homosexuals to the ministry, and the performing of “same-sex unions” by clergy. But the wider issue is whether to teach homosexuality as a sin, or as “diversity of sexual expression.” One official board of the Episcopal Church passed out condoms at its 1994 annual convention. A bishop was seen wearing a button with his agenda: “Sexuality, not spirituality.” Fifteen bishops at the General Conference of the Untied Methodist Church in 1996 declared that they could not uphold the official Church Discipline, which regards homosexuality as a sin. The bishop of the Episcopal diocese of California drafted opposition to a proposition which stated “Only marriage between a man and woman is valid or recognized in California.” He called the proposition unfair and intolerant. Do these positions on homosexuality make it to the lay level? Thomas Reeves reports that the Presbyterian Church (USA) has taught homosexuality in its preschool curriculum!</font>

Pro Socialism:<font color=purple> Why has the liberal church embraced socialism to such a large degree; and thus, why has it rejected the West, democracy, individualism, and capitalism? This all has to do with the humanistic foundation of liberalism. Humanists have a great deal of faith in the ability of human beings. They are highly optimistic about the potential of humans. Since humans are so great, they reason, we have the ability to create an ideal political state-- all on our own. (This is the ideology of the U.N.). That is, we do not need the intervention of God, nor a theocracy, nor the ideological rule of God in heaven. Such concepts are considered religio-centric and bigoted by the liberal. Instead, liberals want humans to create their utopia right here on Earth. This ideology is nothing other than Marxism. I asked why there is a connection between liberalism and Marxism. The answer should be clear. They have identical ideologies (a human-founded utopia) and identical premises (that humans have power within themselves to inaugurate such a utopian state). Hazards in the Mainline Part 5 Chapter 16 The nature of Ethics </font>

So: is this an endorsement of the views of radically liberal and quite unlearned liberalism OR is it just to be a BOOK FAIR? Sounds like the FEES are pretty high for people so violently opposed to capitalism and the oppression of preachers.


September 18th, 2008, 5:06 pm #4

"If you will do a Google search on Lipscomb University, Conference on Preaching and then click on Speakers you will notice that the promoters of this program, fail to mention the denominational affiliation of their speakers, save for those who are associated with the Church of Christ."

No, they only mention the church affiliation of men who are working full time with a church. With each speaker, their primary employer is mentioned, not their "denominational affiliation". The non-Church of Christ guys are professors and circuit speakers, not full time local ministers.

This is a conference on preaching. Like it or not, all of those guys know a thing or two about the topic. This is NOT a doctrinal conference. It is not a referendum on baptism or instrumental music. It's about preaching. This will probably be an excellent conference.