extreme saddness (Gardendale Baptist)

extreme saddness (Gardendale Baptist)

Rose Marie Schmidt, Edmonds
Rose Marie Schmidt, Edmonds

February 18th, 2009, 8:17 pm #1

I am a past member of Gardendale Baptist Church. I was baptized there when I was about 7. My grandfather Karl J. Schmidt, was a member there and served as a deacon.

I could not believe my eyes when just on a whim I looked for their site so I could find out how the church that I loved was doing after all these years. I have lived out of state for the past 25 yrs or so. I am stunned.

I feel the Lord led me here since I am currently a member of a church that is experiencing some difficulties. We just recently repelled an attempt to alter our bylaws. I thought it was an extremely ugly scene that saddened me, but I see now that it can get much, much worse.

Odd how this all seems to be about out-reach and growth. Enough time has passed now to examine the fruit. What was the fruit ? This is so sad indeed.

Well at least this has inspired me to try to show what happened here to others at my church in an attempt to warn them.

I had entertained thoughts of returning to serve in this church where I first came to know the Lord. Well, I grieve the loss. The loss of what that church use to be. It was once a place of love and fellowship, a place where a new believer could come and grow in the Lord. Well God is in control and I am sure this didn't come to happen without His knowledge so let us wait patiently for His answer.
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