Disaster Relief: how to help

Disaster Relief: how to help

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The Tennessean | tennessean.com

More than 300 people from across the region gathered in Nashville Wednesday to send relief to tornado-ravaged Oklahomans by way of vegetable lasagna, cans of corned beef hash and packs of dried peaches.

While most of the volunteers at the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort spent their day filling about 1,300 boxes for victims of the deadly tornadoes, Jake Lockert spent his morning flattening extra ones.

The menial task didnt deter the 21-year-old, who saw his sliver of service as valuable.

Reading from his iPhone, Lockert quoted Matthew 10:42, in which Jesus called his followers to give anything, even a cup of cold water, to the needy.

Just giving a bunch of cups of cold water adds up, Lockert said. I just dont think theres a more valuable way to spend your time than helping people in need.

The Disaster Relief Effort sends a wide array of food and supplies to disasters across the country throughout the year, according to Vice President and Executive Director Joe L. Dudney.

Last year, the effort distributed more than $6.5 million in assistance to 22 states, Dudney said.

Junior Grimes, chairman of the efforts advisory board, said with so many shipments throughout the year, there are several chances to volunteer and donate.

You dont have to come help load trucks to get to heaven, he said, but it sure looks good on the resume.
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