Dave Miller on Richland Hills: reviewed

Ken Sublett
Ken Sublett

February 14th, 2008, 5:25 am #1

Richland Hills. Instrumental music: A Plea to Reconsider by Dave Miller


While this is a "traditionalists" rebuttal of Rick Atchley's totally false teaching, it abandons the high ground. At the same time it may explain why the usual "proof text" have never worked among those wishing that "school of the Bible" be all "recess."

The error is in AGREEING with Rick Atchley and his NACC friends who make the false claim that:

God commanded and approved worship with musical instruments as an ACT.

Then the task of theology and not speaking where the Bible speaks is to PROVE that God ceased enjoying the burning of flesh and instrumental NOISE never called music.

Because, they say, Jesus did not COMMAND the ACT of instrumental worship, we cannot do so. This embraces the Law of silence which only the instrumentalists have ever used with effect.

This review will prove to any reader that God DID NOT command instrumental music. Rather, it was BECAUSE of musical idolatry that God IMPOSED rather than commanded the Monarchy and the Sacrificial system.