Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

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This discussion has nothing to do with Donnie's focus on the INITIAL SALVATION: both Peter and Cornelius were informed that Peter should TELL HIM WORDS WHEREBY HE BE SAVED. Peter commanded him to BE BAPTIZED after the demonstration was a judgment AGAINST the Jews.

Only the apostles were truly immersed IN a holy WIND and forked TONGUES of FIRE. The prophecy was that those who repented and were baptized would be the tiny remnant whem Messiah came. The baptism of FIRE was a promise only to the RACE OF VIPERS whom John refused to baptize.

When the Apostles (only) were FILLED with the Holy Spirit (breath) they SPOKE in the languages they would need to use the WIND to separate the chaff from the grain to be burned up with FIRE.

You can baptize in WIND (breath, spirit) but you cannot immerse a human into a Divine Being.

The POURING has two functions: Messiah would pour out a spirit OF FIRE and a spirit OF judgment.

The WIND (spirit) would not disperse the GOOD GRAIN and it would be put into the Barn of Christ as a Safe House from the CHAFF clearly defined as those who depend on human talent: rhetoric, singing, playing. The Jews with peter were clearly TROUBLE MAKERS and the experience with Cornelius defined them as CHAFF who continued to trouble.

<font face="arial" size="4">Being cast alive into the lake of fire is OFTEN associated with the fate of the Scribes-Pharisees-Hypocrites-Sorcerers: Isaiah 30; Revelation 17f
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