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A good article by Wayne Jackson (Christian Courier). ... -music-the


[color=#0000FF" size="4" face="times]A-Won,

This message is for you or for anyone else who would like to discuss a topic or an issue as a separate thread.

In this particular instance, what would you like discussed or what should this thread be about?

May I suggest that you initiate a thread which contains a subject matter or title (but not like "The-Words-Contained-IN-THE-LINK-YOU-PROVIDED-from-a-Dot-Com-for-a-Discussion"). Then, state your own premise and reasons or arguments that support that premise. In other words, we really would like to know what you are "thinking."

If you need assistance from an article online, you may copy-and-paste contents from that article supporting your argument. Of course, let's acknowledge the source (author and/or link).

Meanwhile, let's put this thread on hold.

Thanks for your interest and participation.[/color]
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