Are ALL ClergyHoods Dangerous?


November 5th, 2006, 4:30 am #1

<font color=red>Why the PreacherHood use the male / female SHELL game.</font>

Alexander Campbell called the preacherCRAFT the craftiest craft of all. Craft is the Hebrew Koresh and the Greek Techne. Because the ekklesia Jesus established to PEEL OFF a tiny remnant to protect them FROM the religious operatives, the HONEST Disciple is bound to quit listening to UNlawful sermons which oozed into the church about the same time as singing and as a CIVIL exercise of thought control.

As long as they can keep you DIVERTED about whether females can be religious PERFORMERS you will not tumble to the fact that ALL of the Bible excludes males from the same STAFF INFECTION worse than HIV.

If you are surprised that the HIGHER THEY FLY the HARDER THEY FALL you SHOULD not: the Bible and all known literature warns you against anyone who (in recorded literature) turns from SAY or SPEAK (in a conversational tone as commanded) to tuneful speaking or singing then God has shown you the MARK. As far as I can determine the remnant of 120 true Jews who were baptized as an OFFERING to God on Pentecost while most of the converts were pilgrims who "fled Babylon" before the baptism of FIRE and JUDGMENT fell.

All of the SPEAK words as in a "school of the Bible" and all texts MARKING decency and the DIVISION between those with mind (spirit) and the LOWER CLASSES means THE OPPOSITE OF MUSIC. Those who set their words to music INTENDED to deceive you and that is why NO philosopher, poet or rhetorician was ever sent OUT as a KERUSSO (preacher-herald) or PRESBYTER becaus-BY NATURE-they could not keep their hands off simple prose. There was no way to MUSICATE prose without adding the ooohs, uhhhs or words which CHANGED the meaning.

Paul OFTEN begins a book (as Romans 1) and 1 Cor 1 by laying a foundation in the evil done and the oppression of sophists, singers and musicians. If you look at First Corinthians you will see more than you wanted but you had better read it before it becomes a book:

Because the OLDEN Jesus Christ was--contrary to some performance preachers--competent to REVEAL how we might ESCAPE the MANY hucksters, that ALONE in the words of Peter MARKS anyone to changes it or "further expounds it" (add subtract modify) as FALSE TEACHERS. If the CROOKED GENERATION or RACE are those from whose clutches Jesus came to RESCUE us by "parking" our Spirit in a safe place and giving us REST from all religious teknokrats, then the spiritual (mental) disciple will NOT pay them to trash the church, the Bible and build MEGA-churches just for God to tear IT and THEM down. No one who has ever permitted themselves to be WORSHIPED has escaped being consumed with MAGGOTS in one form or another.

In 1 Timothy 2, Paul commands the SENIOR, MATURE MALES to lift holy PALMS which would utterly disable the lifting of UNHOLY Arms. Without wrath means without ORGE or ORGY which is defined clearly as something the pagan women and effeminate males would induce. If the male preacher arouses mental excitement in order to CARRY them away for his own profit then HE is in the class of those Paul absolutely silenced.

These are rough collections of notes for those who are DISCIPLES. If you pay for that mega mouth and mega temple based on the LAW OF GIVING then you are COMPLICIT.