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Was perusing the archives and came across this little gem -

  • <em>To the MODERATOR who approves all comments
    January 30, 2004 by Guest
    in morechurches

    It's quite interesting to see the comments that you do allow.

    It's a shame that the majority of our conversations go unseen.

    I'm not concerned with this being posted as much as I am you reading it.

    The fact that you allow the majority of Ken's filth and banter is beyond my comprehension. But then again it is "your" show.

    *Most of his comments need a rating of "R." Due to the sexual content, language, and suggestive material of an adult nature.</em>



    I will explain this again very slowly so you can grasp it.

    Kenneth Sublett puts his name on his work. Whether he is right or wrong, others will have to discern.

    Anyone is allowed to comment, and refute anonymously if they wish, but not attack others.

    Many of your postings have been attacks on Kenneth Sublett. We don't have to defend those telling the truth, and Kenneth does a wonderful job, regardless of whether you understand it or not.

    Your attacks are nameless, spineless, and are without merit. They will continue to be deleted....</em></li>
Are you men enough to put this up?


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Are you men enough to put this up?

[color=#0000FF" size="3" face="times]Brian,

No problem!!!

The real question is: Are YOU "man enough" to submit the same post:

(1) with a title?
(2) with your name?
(3) with the same message?

Yes, this has been approved, but it will be on hold until you're man enough to identify yourself. But don't wait too long. When you're man enough to identify yourself, we will publish your new post and remove this one.[/color]