ACU Lectureship SUMMIT (top guns-big dogs)

Ken Sublett
Ken Sublett

September 18th, 2008, 9:29 pm #1

They confess that they no longer do "lecturships" but do a summit. Based on the "facilitators" and manipulators it seems like the doctors of the law have fallen into deep delusion and the smell really nasty. Some are promoting a Reformation of the Restoration Movement but both the Reformation and Restoration returned to Sola Scriptura specificially to silence the Doctors of theology.

The Restoration Movement, too, dispensed with central authority and young men prepared and sent out as PASTORS to be the dominant leader of the local congregation.

Therefore, as Martin Luther said in effect, "To fail to confront the danger before you at the time is to be a coward." It is important that the self-invented field of THEOLOGY which Jesus repudiated and never had a certificate of need, be outed and mocked for their outrageous lack of a servant's mind or Bible knowledge but filled up with the views of their favorite scholars who can promote their books. They REALLY are an outrageously silly group of people and those who get on their donkey and head out to the SUMMITS to get the latest oracle from the mountain top are REALLY suffering from lack of any SELF direction and respectability.

You will notice that the SUMMIT always consists of those who have been most discording and undoubtedly consider themselves apostles or prophets. I say they are Apostates and Profits.

To which I have added some background data. This is similar to the Lipscomb University apparently brushing off the mainline Church of Christ.

Lynn Anderson etal scraped up lots of "proof texts" proving that instrumental music MUST be used in the church. I have focused first on the word PSALLO. All of the evidence associates PSALLO as a musical concept with striking, smithing or other brutal or perverted action facilitated by the sorcery of musical instruments.

I have added a section section showing that the Bible is a repeating cycle like the Serpent in the garden eating its TAIL in Revelation 17 as the Mother of Harlots. This focuses on the PRIMARY meaning of PSALLO to hold, or touch or smite with Old Testament examples.

If anyone says that PSALLO demands instruments then they are OUTING their spiritual and emotional health in a dangerous way.