Abaddon Leader of the Musical Worship: End of the Evangelist.

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Leading up to joining the Pope's Jubilee Y2K there was a sudden and violent outbreak of agents calling for UNITING with everyone and just stop teaching the Word as it has been written for our learning.

One of the marks which seems to fit is the Unleashing of Abaddon or Apollyon as the destroyer. He had been in prison until the 1000 years (a perfect number) was up. The 6 "Days" ended around the Y2K outbreak of instrumental invaders in even instrumental churches.

Abaddon or Apollyon unleashed the LOCUSTS which in John's area were known as the MUSES who had been cast into prison by the offended Mother goddess (Rev 17).

The Muses were Apollo (Abaddon, Apollyon) musical worship girls (whatever the sex) at Delphi.

Abaddon in the Greek is the LEADER OF THE MUSES. Music by definition was the work of Levite Sorcerers and their job was to "make the lambs dumb before the slaughter." That prototypic type is in Amos 5-8 and in Isaiah 5.

Most of the money got diverted and the support of the Evangelist suddenly dried up and the light went out and the moon no longer reflected.

The LOGOS is the governing principle of all of the universe from all eternity: long before Jesus was assigned to SPEAK the LOGOS. The only role Jesus commanded meant the work of the evangelist. The Evangelists SPEAKS meaning Word for Word. That is why the elders "oversaw" the Reading of the Word to make certain that the younger readers did not insert any words or inflections which would be his presumptious commentary.

SORRY BOUT THAT BUT THE ELDERS HAVE LOOSED THE WOLVES (Apollyon is the Wolf God and His muses mark the rise of the perverse Christ explained in Isaiah 3)