Searching a re-buildable 230 cid truck engine

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March 11th, 2018, 5:12 pm #1

Still tinkering with my ground up restoration of my 1935 Studebaker 1T2 truck. The engine block I have is really poor and not very much re-buildable.

I am searching a rebuildable block or preferable complete engine.

The 230 cid truck engine is based on the older 230 cid Model 54 and 55 car engine, except the truck engine has the full cylinder water jackets as the later style engine blocks. These truck engines was used in the 1932-1934 S-2, S-4, S-6 and S-8, 1934 T2, T4, T6 and T, 1935 1T2 and 1T6. Characteristics is a fairly tall block, with the distinct driver side horizontal lines on the block casting.

Please let me know.