Search not working, another change and a question

Search not working, another change and a question

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October 11th, 2017, 9:24 pm #1

Ok so first ya Search really is broken so that is why I will be including a request for some help in this note.

Also it seems weird but for the past couple of years we needed to log into the site to respond or post and suddenly that is also a thing of the past and no longer request you log in! Don't know why just seems to be so.

Now the help I need. My shifter is very hard to draw back to get it into 1st or reverse. No problem shifting form first to second or second to third.

I have my original spring on the bottom of the column as well. It is so hard to pull it back into the area of the shifting pattern that I often don't get it into first but wind up in third instead. I am pretty comfortable that my shifting rods are correct it just seems like the bottom spring is now double the pressure/force that it must have been originally. I have to often reach down behind the shifter at the center of the steering wheel and pull the shifting rod straight back to ensure it can then move up or down into second or reverse.

Any ideas?