M5 axles, spindles, brakes for sale

M5 axles, spindles, brakes for sale

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June 7th, 2017, 6:51 pm #1

Just lost my 12 years of free storage for my extra M5 front and rear axles so they gotta go find a real job. The front axle is complete with rebuilt spindles, backing plates, brakes, shoes and wheel cylinders. Includes new bearings in the hubs which sadly were incorrectly cut to accept an upgrade to Chevy brake drums. All the hubs need to be reworked, just sayn'. If you go with Turner discs, you dont need these hubs. The spindles are the early versions, part number 100368 and are completely rebuilt with new king pins and bushings. The pins were machined to the correct size. Check page 195 of the parts book for the description. BTW way back in 2005, Gary Ash posted a detailed observation on the old vs newer hubs. Here's his post: http://www.network54.com/Forum/23885/message/1134701303

The rear axle also has new brakes and Chevy drums, Has the original ID tag that shows it's a 4:82 gear-set, complete parking brake cable and a nice clean gear housing cover.

The axles, spindles, complete brakes including backing plates and 4 new brake drums are available in whole or in sets. I can ship the spindles and brake parts but the axles and drums are hard to ship commercially. Let me know your interest. orthdw (at) googles mail system dot com