Trouble comes looking

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March 25th, 2016, 10:55 pm #1

Opportunity had come around again. So Yanarrin had left the main area of the Weyr yet again. Heading at a quick pace towards where Ssevv had told him a firelizard clutch could be found. It had been a while since he'd been able to practice his talent. So just getting one or two eggs to do so with, would be very useful. Afterwards he could sell them or something, to get some much needed marks.

Better walk quickly though. As he wanted to get there and back again before Shirazoth was done with his nap. Angry weyrpeople he didn't care so much about, but the dragonet not liking that he headed out on his own. That he's care about.

Rocks crunching under his shoes, Yanarrin studied the area ahead of him. Looking for the stream and the small stretch of sand, that Ssevv had shown him as the location of the clutch of eggs. He heard running water, but the stream itself wasn't in view quite yet. Soon though, he was pretty sure he could tell that from the sound.

It was just about then though, that someone tripped him. Rolling, he managed not to fall on his face. And he would have got up and ran too, if not for the fyx that jumped on his to growl right into his face. Just that wasn't too completely intimidating, but it still made Yanarrin pause for long enough that a small handfull of people showed up around him.

One of them took a good look at him, and then she nodded. "Definitely one of those who took the eggs at our camp."