The Weyrbowl

Since, unlike most Weyrs, Plateau does not inhabit an extinct volcanic cone, the "bowl" is actually the flat top of the huge, cavern-riddled limestone mesa in which the Weyr abides. There is a clear, cold lake in the center, both hollowed out and kept full by countless Turns of rainfall. Fish have been introduced to it by humans, and now it is a good place for fishing as well as dragon bathing. The rest of the "bowl" is very open and flat, covered in a thin coating of dirt in which patches of small, wind-distorted trees and brush grow here and there. The wind has swept the surface to bare stone in many places. The Star Stones are at the far eastern edge of the "bowl," and there are toothy outcroppings at the edges on which watchriders perch, keeping an eye on the rolling hilly lands below and the lesser mesas nearby.

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