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Been Around the Block
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News traveled quickly through dragondom, and word of the raider attack at Plateau Weyr reached Windhowl even before the wounded were all accounted for. Kalis sat in the dining hall, idly sipping a new varietal of wine she’d procured for herself, listening to the chatter around her. Riders were strapping on jackets and getting out hauling straps, shouting about going to help the other Weyr.


It always amazed her how opportunities could come by so frequently and no one else ever made a move for them. The door was wide open here - Plateau was now undoubtedly understrength and would be at a severe disadvantage in any upcoming Threadfalls. They didn't need an army of untrained hands begging to be allowed to carry bandages - they’d need an influx of new fighting dragons.

Who better to provide than a stunning, glowing white Queen who was getting ready to Rise again?

Leaving the wineskin on the table, Kalis rose to her feet and smoothed the front of her skirt. A quick conversation with her Weyrwoman should do the trick - a little emphasis on the correct words, and the woman would be eager to help Kalis transfer out of this disgusting overcrowded wherhole. Least senior of four Queens was a significant jump from least senior of six.

And we will not be least senior for long. I will choose a strong, capable new King, and Plateau will elevate us to our proper rank. Zareth’s mindvoice was strong, confident, and filled with an excitement that made Kalis feel a little nauseated. She shuddered at the thought of all that dragonlust washing over her again, pushing her into the arms of one of those idiotic males. Ugh. But there was no getting around it, and if she wanted to rise to her proper place within the Weyr, she’d need to let Zareth have some free reign. At least there were female Kingriders at Plateau; she could push the white Queen toward one of them.

Resolved, she strode off to find the Weyrwoman so she could “volunteer” to help the poor little dears.
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