Storm Nexus activity generally consists of forum RP, art, and writings, but live SN RP has happened before, and it deserves to be considered as activity and for marks. Post any live RP logs that you wish to be considered as official scenes here in this forum. They will be 'graded' for marks by an admin on a similar basis as an RP thread would - number of participants, length of the log, whether the scene involves a plot event, and so forth.

Please post each log in a separate thread, and include the following information. Only complete logs will be graded for marks. We will be using a grading system, those rubrics can be found in their specific sections.

Who: Note which players were involved in the scene, and which characters they used.
Where: This can be as general as 'in the Dining Hall' or as specific as 'the bedroom of my character's weyr', but it's important to include for IC continuity places, for much the same reason as it's important to note where RP threads take place.
When: This can be general - for example, 'shortly before the Volcanic Ash Event happened and magic went screwy' or 'during the Great Raid on the Weyr'.
What: Describe what's going on in the image in as great or little detail as you like. If a Plot Event or somesuch is part of the scene, this is where to note that - and please make sure you do so you get proper credit for it!

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