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OOC Data:
Player's Name: Dragonwher
Character Number: 4
Quitting instructions: NPC or adopt out if I do not return
Permissions: I'm fine with anything; feel free to show me if you did art with my chars in it ^^

IC Data:
Name: Kyrnjisa
Race: Tiger/Tunnelsnake Ferali
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Candidate

Talented? Y/N: Yes
Skilled? Y/N: Not yet
Talent/Skill Information: Pattern-shaping - Mimicry

Unlike her pure-blooded Therioi ancestors who can study ANY creature to become one similar to it Kyrnjisa has a limitation. She can only imitate dragons and whers, creating a whelp-size clone of whichever mind-mate she's able to study extensively. Of course as she grows in strength and age she may be able to attain a more equal size with her focus of study; but she may cap off height/size wise with an adult scout of either breed on the midrange of their size capacity. She assumes this of course, for all she knows she might manage something larger as she ages and trains.

The earliest sign of her talent would be her eyes going from her normal feline look to the faceted appearance of the pernese beast she's trying to mimic the form of. This shift in her eyes and to some extent the paler aspect of her hide turning funny colours is as far as she got when her talent first manifested, thanks to close contact with her kin's partner beasts. Especially as turning her hide colour to match Dovahkiith's own is how she hides from her 'angry' uncle after a prank.

Appearance: Click for face

Aside from definitely having the same quirk as her father as far as four limbs where most have two arms; she is still growing into her full height. Meaning she may well be taller than her parents by the time she stops. Where clothes are concerned she tends toward leather and cotton outfits that loudly proclaim her tomboy taste in clothing, though she will occasionally submit to her mother asking that she dresses 'nicer' for certain events.

A holdover from her mother's not often spoken of Therioi ancestry lies in the appearance of two thin Goat-style horns cropping up atop her head. Which proceed to point backwards in line with the top of her scalp. Giving her a slightly more aerodynamic head-shape than most entities may possess. Far as her hide goes it looks a bit like it could not decide between going white with black stripes like her uncle's pale pelt or going nearly all one color as her Father's does. For all her kin know it might be another indication of how strong her Great Grandmother's genes are on her mother's side as she too was a 'gray tigress' in colouration.


The biggest aspect of her personality could be said to be a curious streak as wide as Pern. Which may well lead her into trouble if she's not careful. On that note 'Careful' is not something one might associate with this odd lil tomboy. More likely to hear 'Fool-headed' or 'too brave for her own sharding good'. Not to mention stubborn as a wher that thinks they are in the right about something. Beneath it all she does have a good heart; much like her dear uncle Ar'jorn.

Good heart aside, when she's in a cheery mood Kyrnjisa can be a joy to be around. Unless the little scamp gets bored. Then the risk of being the target of a prank rises as time passes. Oddly her learning to be sneaky with how she pranks others might carry over into being a good addition to either a Squad or a Wing that might be dealing with Raiders and need to have someone sneak in. Likely to save any hostages or probe a weak point of whatever stronghold she might be pointed toward. Puckish tendencies aside she is just as loyal to her Weyr and the people in it as the rest of her family. For all that she is liable to be better at listening to her superiors about NOT doing something completely stupid to save endangered folks as her uncle is guilty of.

That isn't to say she'll be completely free of those same tendencies, just that she has a bit to grow into her full personality.


fourteen turns back saw the birth of Kyrnjisa; named for her mother's relative she so thoroughly resembles. Luckily she'd been born during one of the few peaceful times when Thread didn't threaten the lives of those on Pern. Though near the end of toddler-hood she was placed in the care of the Creche-workers as her parents and uncle were needed in the field due to Thread among other threats. Not that her family left it entirely up to the workers to raise her of course, they could only visit when things were calm. As the young Ferali grew up she admitted to her family that, while she'd love to become a Dragon's partner just like her kin; if she aged out without her partner hatching from a Dragon Clutch she would strive to make her parents proud of her by working hard to become a foot-soldier alongside a wher.

Her parents and uncle were glad to hear this of course, though as she got closer to the age of 14 turns she had something new to show them. After she'd been queried on why she was studying her kin's dragons she'd almost startled them with how her eyes shifted from what was the norm to the same faceted kaleidoscope as seen on the dragons. Voralth in particular found it amusing that his eyes were being imitated, right along with his hide color though the stripes and such seemed to 'bleed' in between Kyrn's own stripes producing an odd tint to the youngling's fur before Dovahkiith distracted the young girl's focus, having seen how she was weaving in her seat.

Between Lessons in Candidacy once she was deemed old enough to stand at the next clutch among other things Kyrnjisa worked to improve her Talent rather than feel sad she was overlooked her first time standing. Though her kin or their partners always halted her when she started getting dizzy from the strain of adapting her body to match whichever dragon she had been studying. It would be thanks to being so closely monitored that she learned for now imitating everything down to gender of a partner beast led to a quicker surge in a dizzy spell. But, thankfully; or perhaps not so thankfully depending who you asked, just imitating the colouration didn't cause as much of a reaction as she worked at it. Thus allowing her to mimic the hide color of either male or female beasts without too terrible a strain eventually.

*will add more after I play her a bit in the incoming plottiness I've signed her up for*