As of 4.1.14, Storm Nexus is now using the Multi-Format RP System designed by Diogenessbeast. :D

Any Storm Nexus-related art can be posted here. As with RPing on the forums, art is considered activity and is worth marks. Each art post will be 'graded' by an sdmin and assigned a mark value. Art will not be graded on your skill as an artist but rather its topicality and level of completion.

Use the rubric to decide the ultimate value of a piece, pixels can be graded as well.

Please post each new piece of art in a separate thread, and include the following information. Pixels may be posted in batches due to their smallness.

Who: Note which characters are shown (this includes dragons and other bondbeasts, and pets too.) Include the names of the players who they belong to, if any are not your own.
Where: This can be as general as 'in the Dining Hall' or as specific as 'the bedroom of my character's weyr', but it's important to include for IC continuity places, for much the same reason as it's important to note where RP threads take place.
When: This can be general - for example, 'shortly before the Volcanic Ash Event happened and magic went screwy' or 'during the Great Raid on the Weyr'.
What: Describe what's going on in the image in as great or little detail as you like. If it's an illustration of a Plot Event or somesuch, this is where to note that - and please make sure you do so you get proper credit for it!

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