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The Character Creation Forms and Rules Have Changed!

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Dear Members,

From today on adult characters and older student characters can be opened on StH without any special permission. There's a slightly different form to fill out for them, they can be found in their separate threads on the Introduce Your Character board.

The character creation form has changed. It became longer, but our goal with it is to make the character creation easier. It's more detailed so shorter answers to the questions will be perfectly sufficient and it's more targeted on the things the site staff needs to know to be able to sort the characters into the house they belong. We hope you'll like the change. :)

Already accepted profiles are not required to be rewritten according to the new form, but it's a possibility of course. If you'd like to rework your character's profile and replace the old one, send it to me in PM and I'll change it for you ASAP.



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Sweet! I've been waiting for this. B)
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