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KC Ricci

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Name: Katherine Cynthia 'KC' Ricci
Age: 17
Birthday: December 17.
Birthplace: London
Blood: Wizardborn
House: Gryffindor
The Sorting Hat: "You really should take life more seriously, young lady, but I believe deep inside, you have the heart of a true Gryffindor"
Main goals/dreams:
- To spend her days with just chilling out, to live a comfortable life without problems
- To get good enough grades at Hogwarts, but without having to study too much
- To have a family of her own once and children and everything like this. The usual stuff.

Strengths: She has a good memory, luckily for her she understands things easily and remembers the important information. (Of course, if the information isn't necessary anymore she forgets it fast, she doesn't like it when irrelevant things use up her brain) Maybe KC knows it better than everyone else what comfortable life is and how to have it. She's a balanced, harmonious person. At least she's never stressed, nothing is worth that much trouble. What most people wouldn't think of her is, that in spite of everything, she would risk her life for those she loves. She gets very brave and determined when her loved ones are in danger... but she doesn't like to let people know this about her. She's quite rational, the kind of person who stands with both feet on the ground. She has a clear idea about the world around her. She observes people well and usually knows what kind of people they are and what effect they have on each other.

Weaknesses: For one, she doesn't really use any of her strengths to their full potential, if at all. She doesn't even know about all of her good traits. Anyone who ever met her would agree that a sloth lives more actively than KC. She's incredibly lazy and that laziness hinders her in many parts of her life. She could achieve a lot a more if she fought for things a bit more... or if she fought at all, but her philosophy of life says that comfort is the most important thing. More important than anything else. She does too many things solely for the sake of her well-being and peace. She doesn't even fight for her own opinion even if she's convinced she's right. She thinks it's not worth the effort. The comfort of the moment is the only thing that usually matters to her, thinking about the future is tiring.
Appearance: KC is a quite average girl. Not too tall, not too short. Her hair is naturally dark brown, her skin is pale or tanned, depending on the season. Her weight is average too, she would never diet, no way! (And she tries to dissuade everybody from doing that too) She isn't nervous about her appearance and her dressing style. She can walk in high heels, but she doesn't like them. She likes comfortable shoes, pants and tops that don't get in the way. Sometimes her sister would catch her and do her make-up and hair and force her into a nice dress, she hates it but she can't really fight against it. Her eyes are brown and the look in them may be the only special thing about her, the way she can watch things and people. On those rare occasions when something piques her interest that look appears in her eyes. The way she observes and memorizes a scene... then buries it somewhere deep in her mind.

Personality: KC doesn't think about who she is and what she wants from life. 'The usual', she would say with a shrug when asked about what she wanted to do eventually. She isn't unhappy, she definitely likes to live. Especially in those happy moments when she finds a quiet place outside, where she can be alone with nature. With flowers, tress, bugs... problems end for a while and everything is beautiful. This is her favorite pastime. She's not too antisocial though, she likes to spend time with her family and friends, even if she doesn't look like it. She has a bit dry sense of humor. Most people around her are the types who fall in love in a second then three weeks later love someone else. Who cry in one moment but could laugh in another. KC loves them, but she's the exact opposite. Her feelings build slowly, but they last.

Background: KC has some Italian blood in her, but she grew up in an average wizarding family home in London. If it didn't take to much energy to go crazy because of her family, she would. She doesn't like to say how much she loves and respects them. She's got an older sister Samantha, who is just like their mother Madison. They are very 'girly', they love shopping, talking about boys, crying about broken nails... etc. Both of them call KC Cynthia and don't really care that she doesn't like it. In la casa de Ricci there also lives a grandmother, Eleanor whose main purpose in life now is to find a good husband for Samantha and KC. She calls her Katherine. They own a fashion boutique that's not far from where they live. In KC's opinion it's so typical that the only person in the house who's more sensible and smart is also the one who spends the least time at home. Her father, Peter. He's the only one who calls her KC and he's an auror. KC doesn't really understand why, but she's secretly proud of him because he saves lives and helps others. Her happiest times at home is when her father is at home and tells her about interesting things.
Wand: Cypress (she doesn't understand why it chose her), Phoenix feather core (she suffers with it a lot), ten and a half inches long
Pet: -