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Canon Characters

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Stairway to Hogwarts is an RPG that uses the world of the Harry Potter books, but isn't centered around it's main characters and story. We want players to create their own universe and heroes/villains, but it's not forbidden to open canon characters nonetheless. Some of them are essential for our RPG too, for example Prof. McGonagall is the Headmistress of Hogwarts at present and I don't see why Hogwarts' ghosts shouldn't be around, for example. But, the adventures of Harry Potter and co. isn't the plot of this forum, so please keep that in mind when you apply for them and only do so if you can include them into the StH plots that are going on.

If you'd like to open a canon character you need to fill out and post the form below here with an already existing non-canon character and wait for your application to get accepted - if it gets accepted - before you open the account for them. No one can open a canon character as their first because the staff needs to see how you RP before we'd give them to you. If you'd like to keep your player identity in secret (as in you don't want to let other members know that you play both the canon character and the character you filled the form out with) you have the alternate option of sending the filled form to me in a private message.

If you go inactive with your canon character (didn't post anything with them in the past three months) they may be taken from you and given to another handler - unless you knew you'd go on a hiatus and informed the Site Staff about it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At forum present (year 1) we are six years after the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, so all characters who died in the books are unavailable. If they are alive however you may apply for both book and movie characters. You need to do some research if you want to play canons and use all the information J. K. Rowling gave about them. Websites like The Harry Potter Lexicon or Wikipedia could help you a great deal in that. You are free to make up everything you need for the RP - what isn't specified by J. K. Rowling - yourself, so basically the less developed the canon character of your choice is in the books, the more freedom you have at playing them. Also, you don't have to use the movie actors to be the face of your canon character, you are free to claim anyone who fits your idea about the character the most.

Taken canon characters:

Minerva McGonagall
Cuthbert Binns

Canon character application form:
It's basically a normal character profile, the only difference is that you can specify their Hogwarts House and you have to tell us why you'd like to play this canon character, and what they have been up to in the past years. If your application gets accepted, you can just copy and paste your form to the thread for their profile - just erase the parts that don't belong there.

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[color=white][u][b]Why would you like to play this canon character?[/b][/u][/color]

[color=white][u][b]Birthday:[/b][/u][/color] (just the month and the day)
[color=white][u][b]House:[/b][/u][/color] (Don't fill this unless it's an adult character you're opening! A mod will sort the character.)
[hr] [color=white][u][b]Main goals/dreams:[/b][/u][/color] 


[hr] [color=white][u][b]Appearance:[/b][/u][/color] 



[color=white][u][b]What have they been up to since the time they last appeared in the HP books/movies?[/b][/u][/color] 

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This application was sent to me in PM (and made me lol real hard :lol: )
Name: Argus Filch

Why would you like to play this canon character? Because he's funny as hell. I think having him opened as a character would provide plenty of good RP moments and bring some more color to the forum. I'd have a lot of fun with him bugging my characters and I may not be the only one. :D

Age: 56
Birthday: September 5.
Birthplace: Edinburgh
Blood: Wizardborn
House: N/A He's a squib.
Main goals/dreams: Filch's still hasn't given up on learning to cast spells one day, he continues to take courses still, even if he fails them all. This makes him bitter, so as the next best thing his main goal is to wipe off the conceited grin from the face of the Hogwarts students. He loves to catch them breaking the rules and think up all kinds of crazy punishments for them. Filch is very loyal to Hogwarts and if he can't be a wizard then at least he wants to be useful and help keep things in order.

Strengths: Filch is very observant, he quickly notices when something isn't at the right place and through the years he spent working at Hogwarts he developed a sixth sense for noticing hiding students, even if they use magical means. He smells them out. He's also very diligent and steady. He works tirelessly and when he's chasing rule-breaker students nothing would stop him. Well maybe only a good spell, or if a professor asked him.

Weaknesses: Filch is a squib and extremely bitter about it. He's dirty, ugly and completely lacks charisma or social graces of any kind. He's not the wisest person either and while he has a lot of ideas, they are usually bad ones presented in an even worse way. He's not very good at expressing himself.
Appearance: Filch is of average height and build for his age. His back is slightly crooked, he holds himself badly. He has unkempt grey hair that reaches below his shoulders. He's balding very noticeably. His face is wrinkly, and by this age a hostile, suspicious expression became one with his face. He usually has a slight, grey stubble, a five o'clock shadow that only adds up to the dirtyness of his overall appearance. He has a big crooked nose and yellow teeth. He's usually seen in shabby robes in medium grey or brown colors.

Personality: Bitter, angry and hungry for revenge and acknowledgement. All driven by an unhealthy inferiority complex that's not very rare with squibs. His life in a sense is a failure and he's desperate to bring the best out of it that he still can. Unfortunately he does this with a wrong attitude and that's why it's not his magic but his personality is the reason for his unhappyness. In his dreams he could torture the Hogwarts students with medieval tools. Instead of working on actually making his own life better he wants to cause suffering to those he's so jealous of because of their magic and their youth. Happy students anger him. On the other hand he respects the professors to no end and lives to please them. A little praise from a professor about how well he does his job makes his week. That is why he hasn't actually started killing and torturing the students. Hogwarts is very important for him and the point of his life is to serve it... and unfortunately Hogwarts needs these brats.

Background: Argus Filch is from an all wizard family, that's why he's called a squib and not simply a muggle. Having a squib in the family is the greatest shame for wizards and witches of all houses. He grew up with his parents secretly wishing he had never been born and desperately trying to get just a faint sign of magic out of him, but no. He couldn't use a wand, he didn't get accepted into Hogwarts. Filch is a loner. He lost contact with his family long ago, that was the best for everyone. He's a stubborn man. For him leaving the wizarding world behind and start a normal life among muggles would have been 'giving up'. He wouldn't do that, but living with witches and wizards fuel his general hatred towards people even more. He lives alone and the only creature he truly loves is his cat, Mrs. Norris. He actually has a touching bond with that nasty animal and apparently the cat shares his enthusiasm for catching and punishing students who they find in a wrong place at a wrong time.

What have they been up to since the time they last appeared in the HP books/movies? The same thing he always did, worked as the caretaker of Hogwarts, bugged the Headmistress and the professors with his crazy ideas and chased students tirelessly.
Wand: N/A
Pet: A cat called Mrs. Norris