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Just because you die you can't have a subplot? I think not!

I'm introducing a few subplots designed to bring together our characters who may never meet through normal circumstances - bring them together for the sake of writing, feels and fun.

Subplot #1

This plot will run every Monday with threads lasting until the players say they are done.

I know we have all shipped a metric crapton of pairings through out our roleplay history. So I am introducing something long over due. A ship challenge - you may submit your characters to take part in the following way.

Character name (your character) - Partner preference (not a name, but gender) - Scenario (what is going on, this will be added to a pool of scenarios and randomly selected - optional)

So for example

Kaylee Fane - Either - Zombie Apocalypse

So Kaylee is entered into the pool. If she is picked either a male or female (who put female or both) will be randomly picked via dice code, to be her partner. And the randomly selected scenario could be zombie apocalypse.

The challenge is to bring your two characters together and try to play out this ship. You have total control over your characters and the plot will never kill them off, but may throw in some things to spice it all up. The goal is to see how the characters interact. Don't feel forced to ship them, if it seems forced then don't do it. Just have them behave how they would in that situation with that person and if it works then it works. The thread will only end when the participants declare it over, feeling they have drawn it out to a conclusion. At which point both members involved will vote on if they ship it or not, and if they like they can open it up to public voting and allow other members of the site to vote on the ship factor of the pairing as well.

Current Participants
[+] spoiler
1. Jule Diamondspar - Male - Rita
2. Natalie Lexmark- Either - Kacie
3. Tina Shield- Male - Kacie
4. Luna Pavelle- Male - Kacie
5. Faye Sevina - Male - Dreamy
6. Astrid Merrickson - Either - Paige
7. Cotton Thimbleston - Either - Paige
8. Eloise Anderson - Male - Eloise
9. Kaylee Fane - Male - Inno
[+] spoiler
1. Talon Denning - Either - Jared
2. Skylar Radford - Either - Jared
3. Jarred Christiansen - Female - Crystal
4. Axel Magnolia - Either - Crystal
5. Barley Millet - Female - Shel
6. Elias Tang - Female - Dreamy
7. Zener Volt - Female - Snowy
8. Marlin Riptide - Female - Rach
[+] spoiler
1. Lost child: Pair must find the child's parents, and discover their love for each-other and children along the way? ~ Rita
2. Spy vs Rebel: A loyal spy, a selfless rebel. Both have worked hard to get to this point, their entire life has lead up to this moment. Will they fulfill their missions and strike the final blow to cripple the other side or will their feelings for a certain some one get in the way. ~ Inno
3. Apollo 18: Two astronauts on a space mission encounter a catastrophic systems failure, suddenly their chances of returning to Earth safely seem slim. This event will forever change their relationship and their lives for better or worse. ~ Rita
4. Blind Date: It would be fun they said, you might get lucky, they said ...what could possibly go wrong? They said... Let's see if they were right. When you throw two people together you never know what shenanigans might ensue. ~ Shel
5. Apprentice: Life is hard in the districts. You were stuck in a rut so you left. You made a change. Now you find yourself in a strange district, there is plenty of work to be had but you don't know how to do it. You know no one here, no one except for the person who has been assigned to train you. Can you handle the job, can you handle your partner? ~ Crystal
6. Naked and Afraid: Stranded on a desert island two strangers must work together to survive. ~ Rach
7. Snowed In: A blizzard of the century has descended upon to individuals who manage to tuck themselves away in a cozy cabin to wait out the storm, but it isn't letting up. They could be here for quite some time. - Rach.
Subplot #2

On the first of every month Inno will post a plot for a movie. It will usually be a corny sci-fi b movie, horror or thriller but it may be something else if enough people request it. A list of generic roles will also be included and characters will be randomly assigned to those roles from the list of characters participating in the plot. They can trade roles if they like, but don't have to if they don't want to. An example of standard roles would be -
Ditsy blond
Mysterious stranger
Lovable nerd
Man with issues from the war
Goth Girl
Crazy guy who turns out to be right about everything

Redshirts (red-shirts are people who die very fast and very often, just in-case you don't get that reference)

A short blurb will be written about your character but you can fill in the rest. It will be a fun way to play with your characters a little while going through an amusing or suspenseful plot. You will post with the others and every now and then the plot will kick in and Inno will post a happening. While it is preset to a certain extent your actions will change what happens. Keep in mind that your character can be killed off by the plot, and some characters are clearly meant to be killed off. It's up to Inno as per her plot outline but it's all in good fun.

Current Participants
[+] spoiler
1. Natalie Lexmark - Kacie
2. Cotton Thimbleson - Paige
3. Astrid Merrickson - Paige
4. Eloise Anderson - Eloise
[+] spoiler
1. Hammond Turin - Rita
2. Axel Magnolia - Crystal
3. Jarred Christiansen - Crystal
4. Anjou Hill - Shiver

Subplot #3
Hunger Games, ALL STARS

This is very much a work in progress but the basic idea is for a hunger games involving only fan favorite tributes. You may submit your tributes to the pool and once the games are ready a poll will be put up with all submitted tributes. Members may then vote for their favorite tributes. The twenty four with the most votes will be invited to participate. As to not interfere with the main plot the time line of these games will be much slower and more flexible. Days will last twice as long, you can post when you want, not when you need to. More character development and non-combat posts are encouraged and all rules about romance bans and other such restrictions are lifted. There will still be combat, you will still need to eat and drink but it is more about exploring your characters and finishing their stories then it is winning.

If everything works out these games will most likely start after the 46th end or when a majority of the tributes have been killed off. Submissions will close then and voting will begin. Once the twenty four favorite tributes have been selected pregames will commence.

Keep in mind, if more then one of your tributes is voted in, you will either have to forfeit all but one of your spots (only one per player at this point) or allow some one else to play your extra tribute for the duration of the games.

Possible Tributes
[+] spoiler
Jule Diamondspar - Rita
Jade Yakuza - Arie
Kaylee Fane - Inno
Cailin Fae - Inno
Tina Shield - Kacie
Astrid Merrickson - Paige
Cotton Thimbleson - Paige
Willow Frindle - Arie
Eloise Anderson - Eloise
[+] spoiler
Hammond Turin - Rita
Midas Sapphire - Rach
Talon Denning - Jared
Skylar Radford - Jared
Trick Fairfield - Spring
Vulcan Clayvein- Spring
Jarred Christiansen - Crystal
Axel Magnolia - Crystal
Thread Thimbleston - Shel
Barley Millet - Shel
Anjou Hill - Shiver
Canaan Fray - Snowy

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Subplot 1- the ship.

I volunteer Natalie Lexmark- either

Tina Shield- Male

Luna Pavelle- Male

Plot ideas:

None at the moment but I tend to randomly think of ideas at weird times. So I may post one later.

Subplot 2- Movie Night.

I'd like to volunteer Natalie for this!

Subplot 3- Hunger Games all stars


These plots are amazing, Inno! Soooo glad you thought of them!!!

Question: In the Hunger Games all stars- could there be more than two tributes in certain districts? Does there still have to be one female and one male from each district?

INNO SAYS! For the All Stars it will still be 12 males and 12 females but they can be from any district. So if people voted and said 12 d1 males were the best and 12 d1 females were the best then we would have 24 from d1 but hahahah as if that would ever happen.

So they can be from whatever district but the gender split will still be 12/12. Your characters have been added to the lists.

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Shipping plot question:

Pairs being randomly picked by dice code could end up weird. There could be 13 year olds with 18 year olds, and so on and so forth. Suggestion- can the pairs be done by a vote?

I guess, I was going to switch up odd ones like that or have their ages be closer. But if people want to vote for pairs and well they can.
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I'll throw in Willow as well to the #3 plot.

#has forgotten what Willow's last name is.

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OMG Plot #3 <3
I want to enter all of my dead tributes, because, why not?
Malachite Prince - D1
Persephone Naunet - D4
Pomona Barkenoak - D7
Firenze Clayvein - D12

I am also interested in #2 but I think who would be involved would depend on the movie you chose, but I would love to participate <3

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Why didn't I sign up for this before. Plot number 3

Reggie Karrington - District 5
Peridot Noble - District 1


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Can we bring this sexiness back?

And if we do, Angel and Aggy's dead bodies are totes ready. For all of them, I guess, though the third one gives me social anxiety and fear of rejection.

Oh well.