Boiling Point

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A couple of years ago Kit would have been jumping at the opportunity to finally do something meaningful and decisive for the Rebellion. He would have given his right arm to participate in such a thing, and to see it reach completion. Now however, he was a family man. His parents had taken responsibility legally for Qiana’s children, but it was Kit who truly took care of them. It was harder than he thought it would be, to go from being a young single man to having three kids, but he had grown to enjoy it and now he feared anything would happen to his kids.

Something big would not only change his life, but also theirs. What if he died? There were way too many variables now. Gabby was also part of the rebellion, and while that had seemed like a good idea at the time because it meant she could defend herself, now was a liability. She would want to join in, he knew it.

Still, they had to take this forward. It would be the biggest development ever. The start of something great. All pieces had been set into motion, the only thing they needed was a date. And that was why Kit paced back and forth in Leather’s office now, arms crossed behind his back and his face contorted into a straight line. They needed to decide when. ”They arrived at the Capitol today. If we want to save them we have to do it quickly. The Gamemaker sessions will make sure all hands are on deck.”