Acheievement List - Atlantis

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I'm From Bob's Fish Mart: First formal introduction between tributes in the arena (receives customized name tags) CORDERO AND CHERRY (Day 1)

The Lost Empire: First tribute to call the arena Atlantis (receives binoculars)
Hook, Line, and Sinker: First tribute to make their own fishing pole (receives can of mutt bait)

The Human World Is a Mess: first tribute to rummage through a stall in the Market (receives a tent for 2)

The Tide is High: first tribute to move on or abandon their alliance (receives 1 water purification tablet)

Let's Free Willy: first tribute or alliance to give up a mutt fight ( receives +10hp extra on roll over)

I Wish I Could Speak Whale: first tribute to communicate with Merfolk (receives 1 lighter)

Part of Your World: first tribute to mention being homesick (receives free note from mentor) (CHERRY MAHOGANY DAY 1)

Just Keep Swimming: first tribute to leave the cornucopia thread (receives 2water purification tablets) EMBER ASHER (DAY 1)

Why Has All the Rum Gone?: First tribute to have 2 days of no water in a row (receives extreme dizziness illness disaster, loss of one intem in confusion)

Kiss the Girl first romantic post in the 47th games (receives mono illness -15hp instantly)

I've Got a Jar of Dirt: first tribute to mention shaking sand out of their clothes or hair (receives sand flea bites, -5 hp) CLYDE HAYRICK (DAY 1)

We'll Never Be Royals: First tribute to enter the throne room (receives a jeweled dagger)

Salt In My Wounds: First tribute to win a fight underwater (receives + 20hp instantly)

That's Grim: Align with the Grimscale Faction - Shark Sigil (Grimscale's won't attack and may help you)

Sea the future: Align with the Transcendents Faction - Sea horse Sigil (Trancendents won't attack and may help you)

Rebellion is for suckers Align with the Lunari Faction - Octopus Sigil (Lunari won't attack and may help you)

Pawns and Prawns: First tribute to do what a Merfolk asks (receives a unique weapon)

RELEASE THE KRACKEN! At some point a random event will have tributes stumble across a massive gong. If they hit it they will summon the Kracken. A massive
deadly mutt that will rampage through the arena until it is slain.

Great White Whale: Escape from battle three times (receives runner bonus)

Sushi Anyone?: Kill a Merfolk (receives a vial of poison)
"The minute you think you've got it made, disaster is just around the corner."
Mutts can miss, disarm and stun but disasters cause flat damage & cannot be dodged or blocked.