48th Annual Hunger Games Victory Tour

48th Annual Hunger Games Victory Tour

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President Snow watched the finale in his private quarters in disgust. "What is the point of these career districts if they're not going to win the games?" he thought to himself as the girl from District Two fell to the girl from District Eight. The president turned off his viewing screen in disgust and rose from his seat. Now that the games were over, it was time for him to make another appearance so he could crown that pleb from District Eight. One of his assistants came in to help him prepare for his appearance and then was quickly dismissed by the president. "Why couldn't they all die?" he said to himself as he fixed his tie in the mirror. That would be the ideal situation each year, but the people loved a winner. If that kept them placated, then so be it. Let them have their winner, let them have their faint glimpse of hope.

The President had been escorted to his podium by his two best peacekeepers along with the crown for the victor. He cleared his throat before he spoke into his microphone, addressing the entire nation. "They say that sometimes the prize is not worth the costs. The means by which we achieve victory are as important as the victory itself." began President Snow. "Six days have passed since twenty-four tributes set foot into the arena and in the end only one tribute remains. The odds are in District Eight's favor this year, so we congratulate our eighth district and their new victor, Ms. Button Sash." concluded President Snow as he backed away from the microphone. Gently, he lifted the victor's crown off of its velvet pillow before placing it atop the young woman's head. Once she had been crowned, the President left from sight, flanked by his peacekeepers.
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The transition from the arena, to behind the scenes, and finally to the crowning ceremony was relatively a blur. The last hit to the head caused Button to black out, missing her ability to hear the final death cannon. When she awoke, the girl's face formed into a painful smile. She knew exactly what had happened - she was the victor.

Raising her hands up to her bandaged face, Button pressed lightly on her cheeks and nose. "Hmm." She snorted as her fingers traced the new features. It felt like her beauty team and the doctors got their contours right. Before she entered the arena, Button had left the designs for her new face and body with the beauty team. If she were to be a victor, she would have to look the part. No longer a child, Button with her new cheekbones, nose, jaw, and chest swung her feet over the edge of her hospital bed.

With pursed lips and her signature smirk, Button waved as instructed by her beauty coach in a haughty fashion to the Captiol crowds and television viewers. Accepting the crown, the new Victor of Panem was excited to travel to the Districts to receive the praise she had earned and knew was due...

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Lady Marbelah had expecting nothing but failure from the tributes representing district Eight on the 48th Hunger Games, just like the two years prior in which she had mentored she had not expected anything good to happen. Never, would she had expected for either Jute or Button to come back, even though she had to admit that Button had earned it. It had just been painful to watch her slay the girl from her absolute favorite district, but if she had been able to take a clearly superior competitor then she had absolutely earned it.

And now Lady Marbelah was more than happy to reap the benefits for such a feat despite the fact that she had nothing to do with it. But the Capitolites did not have to know that, and perhaps this was her chance to take a leap from District Eight's stylist to District Two's stylist, if she did that she would actually put a lot more effort into tributes who were not simple plebeians.

But for now it didn't matter, because she had a victory tour to plan. It was finally her time for glory, because of all her efforts. Well, she supposed Button had helped too even if slightly.

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The third victor of the hunger games stood, aided by her cane. She looked on at Button proudly, giving a grandmotherly smile. At last, she had a worthy successor and could retire. Her district had enough food to supply their poor district for the next few seasons.

There would be new medical supplies for their hospital, clothes for the needy and fresh, clean water for the first time in a very long time. Button had triumphed, and her district could not be more proud. Polly's eyes misted over slowly, and she dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief, standing tall even though she was very short and assisted by a cane.

Marbelah would be unbearable after this.


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It was surprising to say that Amethyst Cortese had found clarity after dying, but here she was, feeling better in death than she ever had in life. The youngest career no longer cared about the hunger games like she once had, and now wondered whether she had wasted her life in the training centre. She was still the same sadistic bitch she had always been but things were different now that she was dead. It was like everything made more sense, and she was thankful for it because it meant that she wasn't blinded by winning and actually enjoy life... well her un life now. As she watched Button take the stage, the red headed female did a double take because of how different the girl from eight looked. Was this the same person who she had vowed to kill but ultimately didn't get the chance to? Ame couldn't believe how different and attractive the new Victor was. Sure, she still hated the girl and didn't expect Button to say anything nice about her, and why would she? To say that they didn't get a long was an understatement, not that it mattered anymore, but she did take a sort of pride of being right when she said that none of the careers would win.

The red headed female materialised near the newly crowned Victor, crossing her arms over her chest in an unamused stance. Her family weren't happy that she had gone and it showed on their faces. Her mother was crying and her father just stood there with a blank expression. Amethyst didn't even bother to look at her siblings faces because she didn't care. It was all over and they were living in the past. She was dead and they were still alive and well. The only downside to this was that she wanted to tell them this but couldn't. Oh well. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Amethyst looked over to Button and tried to put her ghostly hand through Button's middle. Who knew wether or not the other girl would actually be able to feel it or sense her presence. She hoped that the Victor would and that it would give her a fright. "Just something to remember me by" Amethyst smirked, accompanied by a cruel pearl of laughter. "I can't believe that I am saying this, but good luck Button Sash" Her tone of voice was sincere but still cruel. "You're going to need it" Was her last remark before she turned around and walked towards the light ready to see what awaited her on the other side.

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Audi didn’t fight death. He stood motionless as Caspian’s hands tightened around his neck and he waited for it to claim him. As his vision started to cloud, Audi could see pieces of his childhood flashing before his eyes, but it wasn’t all of it, like they say it happens, it was just one or two particular moments, the better ones.

When he woke up again he was in a circle of light. Not like those lights you’re supposed to follow into the afterlife, more like candlelight. It was actual candlelight, that much was certain when he started to look around. Multiple candles were little and placed in a small circle, and around them some boys Audi’s age sat. All of them were chatting softly and occasionally glancing at the pieces of paper they had littered around.

The dead boy knew exactly what those papers were. Some of them had even been written in his childish handwriting. He remembered the sitting in this same place a bunch of years ago, with these same boys and writing all the things on those pages. This was a very familiar garage, full of memories.

Audi stood quietly, sitting in the circle of light and watching. No one minded him much, probably because he was some kind of ghostly spirit or something. Yet, Audi had the gut feeling that maybe even if he had been alive they wouldn’t have minded him much. Or at least, if he hadn’t gone and died in the Hunger Games, they would never have gathered here.

It was only after an hour or so that someone’s voice rose over the murmur. “We should have played with him more often.” All the other boys nodded gravely. Some of them blamed themselves for Audi’s destiny, some didn’t, but they all regretted not speaking to him much the past few years. They had grown up, yes, but that didn’t mean they should have left their friend behind, the memories of the long summer days patrolling the streets, pretending to be superheroes.

Nothing else was said, they just sat there re-learning a language of their own invention. Meanwhile, on the District square a brand new Button was waving at a crowd of District Sixers. Audi’s parents were there too, standing atop a pedestal, but Audi couldn’t see them because he was sitting in a circle of light, whispering words in the ears of his friends when they couldn’t remember them, helping them learn.

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Adri honestly didn't give a damn as to who had won but it surprised her when the worthless girl from eight was finally made victor. It should have been either her or Ame but of course, the other red haired girl had gone back on her word about them being the final two. She narrowed her eyes, looking around at the few others from the games that were floating around before she spotted the victor, Button Sash.

She growled, shoving past Ame to get to the victor as she whispered in the girls ears. "Just so you know, it doesn't end once you leave the arena, you're stuck with us," she whispered. She'd become quite a bitter spirit since Amethysts, her supposed allys, betrayal and she would do what she could to make everyone else's lives miserable.
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//Victory Tour&#092;&#092;
It was no surprise that Duke and Daisy were buried together, their hands clasped in death. Somewhere at the end of this world and the beginning of the next, the two doomed lovers were living out their paradise. Fields with golden wheat swayed in the breeze, and a dirt road led to a brick house, white picket fence. If you opened the door and stepped inside, minding your shoes of course, you could hear singing coming from the kitchen.

Opening the door meant seeing Daisy, singing a tune she'd once heard Penny sing, wrapping up a sandwich to put inside a familiar pail. Wiping her hands on her apron, she reached into a basket, pulling up an infant onto her hip. "Alright, now….shhh..." she shushed as the baby gurgled, it's bright eyes the same color as Duke's. After kissing the soft, doughy baby cheek, she picked up the pail and went outside. In her bare feet, Daisy walked over to the barn, humming something slow while balancing and swaying her son to the tune of fiddle music that could be heard at the barn raising that same night of the victory tour. They were celebrated by their families, friends, and everyone who knew that not even death could separate Daisy and Duke.

"There's that handsome man of mine." Daisy drawled, her wide smile as vibrant in death as it had been in life. "Well, one of them." she teased.
"I join my life with yours. Wherever you go; I will go. Whatever you face; I will face. I take you as my husband, and will cherish you until I leave this earth." Daisy repeated, looking up into Duke's eyes. There was some down time in the District Eight apartment, training was over, and they were waiting to leave for the arena the next day. The stylists and escorts for District Ten were seated in the front room as the two tributes from ten stood in front of Penny and were married. They stood in fancy clothing brought to them by their stylists, and were given the wedding they would have had, if their lives had not been interrupted.

She looked down when Duke slid the ring onto her finger, and she decided right then that it would be her token--so that at least their families knew that they were committed to one another. Right before he kissed her, Daisy smiled, and whispered, "I love you." It was a pledge, a promise for the rest of their lives, and even after that.

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Dying had been painful, but nothing could ever explain the pain of seeing Daisy and their unborn child die right after him. His sacrifice had been in vain, he had failed his mission, he had disappointed their families, or so he thought. But if there is one thing that is certain in life is that it is always changing, and the same can be said in death.

A white picked fence, a barn, a son. Everything, and anything that Duke could have ever wanted had become a reality, and it was even better than what it could have been because this time it was forever. They would never have to worry about their son being taken away to experience the horrors like both his parents had in their last moments on Earth.

After-life was everything that Duke had hoped for and more, who would have thought that in order for him to have the life he always wanted he would have to die? And eventually the others would join, their parents, their siblings... everyone, and anyone they wanted would eventually reach them. And that was good enough for him.

The sound of the barn door opening made him turn around from his work on the new generator. He had built the house for them, to showcase his love for the woman in front of him, and the son he had always wanted. He looked at her finger and smiled as he remembered their wedding, something he had went through once he had realized she would never be able to love anybody else. She was his forever, even if only he died.

"Yeh look beautiful, 's usual." he said as he stood up, wiped his hands on his pants, and walked over her to kiss her forehead. He ruffled his son's hair, and spoke at him: "What d'yeh say I finish hurr, n' we go eat sum of the delicious dinner yehr mom made, hm?" looking up at Daisy he smiled as he pressed a kiss to her lips swiftly, "I love yeh, forever 'n always."

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Death was strangely peaceful... at least to begin with. Andromeda Hellebore had fallen at the hands of Button Sash from district 8. The girl that Caspian had allied himself with in the final hours of the games.... turning his back on the alliance that he had made with herself and Drake during training. She wished she could feel sour about the whole thing but death had caused a change in her. So instead of dwelling on the past she went to see her family... to see how they were coping.

Her step mother and younger step siblings were all distraught... her youngest step sister asking why Andi wasn't coming home and why the girl from eight had to live.... Andi shook her head and stood next to her little sister. 'I tried little one... I tried... please don't blame button. She was just fighting for her life like the rest of us' Andi said softly and placed a kiss on her sisters forehead. With the kiss her little sister looked around frantically.... swearing for a moment that she had heard Andi talking to her.

Andi then sought out Artemis and Axel... and the sight of her sister caused a deep throbbing in her heart. She longed to hold her sister close and tell her everything was going to be ok but she knew that it wasn't. She knew she was dead and she could only hope that Artie and Axel would look after each other now that she was gone.


The victory tour wasn't something that Andi wanted to see but she decided to stick around long enough to watch Button give a speech. She wanted to say something callous and mean but couldn't find it within herself to do so. So instead she walked up and stood beside Button and smiled. "you did well Button. A noble winner" she said before looking over at her crying family once again and swallowing hard. "Goodbye district two" she said before taking a step back and then walking into the light of the beyond.

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Drake was still confused on what had happen to him in the games. The ginger did not understand where all the fun had gone. All he knew was that he seemed to be dead. That depressed the ginger and he appeared at the victory tour with no smile. The ginger haired man floated above his family with no joy in his face. His father remained looking sullen and his mother looked like she was holding back tears. As for his sister she looked totally confused. Drake was surprised that his sister wasn't jumping for joy or something.

But , instead his sister's look of confusion turned to anger when button appeared on the stage. After a scoff of anger his sister stormed off the platform in a blind fury of tears. That sent a confused expression across the ghost of ginger's past's face. He had never seen his sister cry. That sight made the man wonder if she had actually cared for him. When his sister disappeared from view he gaze returned to the stage. Drake wasn't sure what to do anymore now that he was dead. So, when the light appeared he wet toward it and passed on to heaven without hesitation.

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Death...it wasn't as bad as everyone had made it out to be. There weren't any pearly gates, or welcoming angels. No music played as he felt his heart break over the he had killed. The breaking of his heart had felt as if he was stabbed with a sword through the chest. It was even worse then the actual death blow that Button had given him. What she gave him was hope, freedom and the welcomed end. He had killed the boy he had sore to protect. The innocence of the games.....He entered the games trying to spoil them by showing people that it turns innocence into anger and hatred. But it was what he had become.

He killed little Audi because of the hallucinations that the blood loss was causing but that was still no excuse. He had taken away the whole reason he was in the games. He hated himself for it but there was nothing he could do now. He watched as Button entered the stage in District four. His parents were sobbing and watching as the girl from eight entered. She looked a lot different, a good different. Older even. He was glad it had been her and not that bitch from two. Granted he had gone in with her knowing that she was going to be his best chance, but it turned out that she was just like the others. Only Button and Audi had really stayed true to their convictions. He started clapping, even though no one could hear him.

He looked up at the sky and watched as the clouds parted. They weren't parting for him...he knew that. But from behind he heard an all too familiar voice. "You know you are a dimwit right, Cousin?" He turned and came face to face with the girl he sore to fight for. Medusa. He grinned and shrugged his shoulders. "We all gotta die sometime, Dusa. At lesat I did it for a cause. Besides, I can't stand to live in this world without my cousin." He grinned at her and wrapped his arm around her.

With that he looked down at his feet and muttered, "I'm sorry, Audi." Then his spirit faded away into nothingness. There was nothing left to say or do. He was now just a distant memory of what could have been honor for district four.