[A] Malus Solari

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[A] Malus Solari

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Malus Solari
"We'll stand and fight."
Character Information

Malus Solari
--GENDER: Male
--AGE: 47 (Born 30 ABY)

The Background
- Powerful in the Force
- Combat prowess
- Intelligent
- Intelligent tactician

- Impulsive (action wise)
- Sometimes irrational
- War-minded

Personality: Malus is a very sage like character, despite the fact that many within the Order warn Malus of his attitude towards conflict, Malus is dedicated to the eradication of the Dark Side. His loyalty and dedication are what make him an ideal Jedi, though he strays sometimes from the Jedi code he believes that it is a good basis to develop an order upon. Malus rarely speaks out of emotion but is impulsive in his actions, he believes words are "cheap" and actions are far more powerful.

Biography: Malus was born in the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong war, the galaxy was going through a massive reconstruction process throughout the first few years of Malus's life. It was during this time that the New Jedi Order began searching throughout the galaxy for potential younglings, Malus became one of those that were taken. The Baran Do sages of Dorin helped the New Jedi Order take many young Kel Dorians to bolster their ranks. Malus was one of the first of the Kel Dorians offered up by the Baran Do sages.

Malus was taken to the slowly being reconstructed Jedi Temple on Coruscant, which had once again become the seat of the Galactic Alliance and began his training as a Jedi Padawan. Malus's training was rather uneventful as his master, a fellow Kel Dor knew of their anatomy. Kel Dor's matured much more slowly than normal humans but had longer lifespans. Malus continued his training until he was old enough to become a Padawan in 46 ABY when he was comparable to a normal Jedi Padawan. Malus lived through much of the Third Galactic Civil War and was forced into hiding with the Jedi Coalition as his master was as well, they traveled with a group of Jedi until the end of the war a year later.

Malus continued to train underneath his master until he was granted the title of Jedi Knight in early 60 ABY, at the age of 30. Malus was welcomed as a Jedi Knight and it is here that he became a vocal component of working with the Federation to keep the Imperial Remnant contained, though he was also noted for several times wishing to break away from the Federation and work independently. Malus' master, a fellow Kel Dor named Thur had been a supporter of the Jedi Coalition and much of Malus' early teachings were about the "glory days" of the Jedi. Malus had an extensive history education and that is part of the reason he admires much of the days of Lord Hoth and the Army of the Light.

Malus became a Jedi Master shortly after training his third apprentice in 70 ABY. Malus stopped taking apprentices with the outbreak of tensions between the Federation and the Imperial Remanent. Malus was one of the first Jedi to rally to the cause of supporting the Federation and petitioned the Jedi High Council for command of Federation troops. Malus was granted his request and served alongside numerous commanders within the Federation against the Imperial Remnant. Malus's service in the war against the Imperial Remnant saw him in command of several brigades of Federation troops and a small squadron of Federation ships. Malus' primary service was aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Federation's Hope he served alongside Admiral Illrian Baric. Baric and Malus shared a close relationship and the Admiral's death was a huge impact at the final Battle of Coruscant.

In 75 ABY with the galaxy firmly underneath Imperial control, Malus went into hiding. Malus took what he learned from commanding Federation troops and underneath him built a very small military unit dedicated to attacking the Empire on its outskirts and attempting to usher in a rebellion against the Empire. Malus has sought out other Jedi and has continued to attempt to eradicate the Sith, he hopes to re-connect with the Jedi Grandmaster Bela Khess and work together on rebuilding the order and potentially the Federation.

The Faction
Faction: New Jedi Order
--Branch: Jedi Sentinel
--Rank: Jedi Master

The Force
Force-Sensitive? [Yes]

Force Powers:
  • Force Speed - Novice
    Force Concealment - Expert
    Force Sense - Exerpt
    Force Telepathy - Expert
    Force Telekinesis - Intermediate
    Electric Judgement - Intermediate</li>
Training: Malus was around when the New Jedi Order still had outposts throughout the galaxy and went through the training of a Jedi Padawan, a Jedi Knight and continues his training as a Jedi Master. He has the appropriate Jedi training since he was found on Dorin.

Lightsaber Form(s)/Style(s): Form II: Makashi - Expert

Other Info
Weapon(s): Malus has used the same lightsaber he first made, however he has made numerous improvements to the lightsaber overtime. The Lightsaber blade is colored green.

Equipment: Malus travels light due to the fact that the Jedi are a hunted organization, he traditionally carries a datapad and communications link with him.

Ship: Despite his desire to stay hidden, Malus used mostly public transportation to stay hidden in plain sight.


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