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Into the Forest I Go

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November 13th, 2017, 12:17 pm #1

Lorca is ordered to return Discovery to the safety of Starbase 46, abandoning its obligation to defend the blue planet, which has sent out signals to Startfleet and the Klingons to promote peace. The Klingons intend to destroy it when they arrive and engage Discovery. Instead of using the spore drive to obey his orders, Lorca tells his crew to find a way to detect Klingon ships despite their cloaking technology, while Discovery pretends to be on the way to Starbase. They come up with a plan that involves planting a tracking device on every Klingon ship, which would requite 133 spore jumps. Burnham and Tyler beam over to the Klingon mothership and discover Admiral Cornwell alive. Tyler has a PTSD breakdown after encountering Dennas, Burnham fights Voq with Klingon weapons and is beamed out in midair when sent flying in the battle. Stamets, after making the 133 jumps, decides to make only one last jump, to take Discovery back to safety, now that the war is soon to end because the Klingon cloak has been rendered useless against the new trackers. Everyone reflects on their personal lives; some even smooch a little.

Okay, lots of flashy special effects, etc., but how is this Star Trek? Is the second half of this season going to be years later in the Trekiverse with new characters?