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Creating a Character

1]-Please fill out the application fully and to the best of your ability. If you are having trouble, for whatever reason, tell us and we will help you finish it.

2]-Please register with full names such as 'David Crisp' not usernames like 'Rachel10101' This includes in your application.

3]-When registering please make sure your character name is in proper case i.e. Howard Johnson and not in all upper or lower case.

4]-If you're character has a long name (two or more middle names) then you are allowed to chose one of those middle names and put it into your username. For example, if your character's full name is 'David Gregory Howard Crisp' you are allowed to choose one of those middle names to put in your user name.

5]-If you want your character to have a special ability of any kind then please ask an admin first and he or she will confirm it, providing it is for a good reason.

6]-You are allowed to have as many characters as you wish as long as you are able to keep them all active. Also, every third character must be the opposite gender to the other two. If you have two female characters, the next character must be male.

Regarding Activity

1]-When you sign up, you have two weeks to post/complete your app. If you do not complete it within two weeks then your user will be deleted and you will have to reapply. .

2]- After three days of posting your app without having it completed a date will be added to the description of your topic. This is the date that you have to complete it by else it will be trashed.
This effects canons as well as original characters.

3]-When registering please make sure your character name is in proper case i.e. Howard Johnson and not in all upper or lower case.

4]-Once you have been accepted, any periods of inactivity may result in you user being deleted. Generally, a clearout will take place every three weeks. If you are going to be inactive for any period of time please post and let us know so you're character and user are not trashed.

Roleplay Rules

1]-Please ensure that all posts are free of any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. When writing out your post, we suggest to write in Microsoft Word first, do a spell check, then post it into the forum. This makes sure that all posts are free from error and are easily readable and understandable.

2]-There is to be no powerplaying or Godmoding whatsoever in this RPG. Powerplaying/Godmoding are defined as 'controlling a character which is not an NPC but a character belonging to another member. Controlling his actions and his voice.' For more about Poweplaying, see this document here

3]-This RPG is rated R although you are allowed to have topics which would be considered higher than this raiting, if you do, you must mark your topic MATURE in the topic description.
To expand this, our RPG rating is Language: 2 Sex: 2 Violence: 2.
To see what this means in terms of the rp, you can view this page here,

4]-Please keep within the realms of the Harry Potter universe when posting. This includes staying true to the magic of the series as well as the logistics. If you are unsure about how a peice of magic works please ask in the c-box or contact an admin and we will help you as best as we can.

5]-The word count here is 300 words but do not feel pressured to do exactly 300 words. We are very flexible within that 300 words.

Other Rules

1]-Signatures should not be bigger than 500x200 pixels. The ideal signature size is 350x100 pixels.

2]-If you have text in your signature you are allowed up to nine lines of text, or, if you also have an image, up to five lines.

3]-Please make sure you're signature and avatar are related to your character.

4]-Avatars may not be bigger than 150 pixels by 150 pixels.

5]-Please try to respect each other. If you are unable to get along, try at least to resepct each other.

6]-That said, I want no racist, sexist or derrogative language, when used OOC. It is allowed in character providing it is justified.
I'm being extremely clever up here and there's no one to stand around looking impressed! What's the point in having you all?