Voting character contest April 2012

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The contestants are
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Name- Yaku Winterwater
Age- 26
Species- Werewolf

Height- 5' 8"

Weight- 164 lbs

Eye color- Ice blue in human form

Alignment- Mostly he's chaotic good in human form. True Neutral in werewolf form

Sex- Male

Fur Color- Rich brown in werewolf form

Personality- Yaku tends to be a nice guy when he's not fending off the ladies with a stick. The unfortunate thing of being a werewolf is that it tones your body, and you can't help that. He's kind and generous, sometimes so much that he ends up either hurting himself or it getting to the point to where he's expected to give and then be stepped on. In werewolf form, he goes completely ballistic, attacking and even killing anyone who gets in the way of his rampage. Knowing this, he tends to never willingly transform, though anger past the breaking point and full moons of course cause it anyway. Most noticeably, he tends to be very jumpy on the day of a full moon.

Appearance- Yaku has a slim and well-toned build. Though Lycanthropy is considered a curse, he knows that the "curse" part is fending off the ladies with a stick. Sure it was enjoyable at first, but now he's tired of it. He has spiky rich brown hair and ice blue eyes in human form. He usually wears a tanktop shirt in the warmer months and always wears a wolf tooth necklace around his neck. He always seems to wear a fresh pair of jeans and normal grey-colored tennis shoes.

Hometown- He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Note he is NOT in the Lylat System setting!

Bio- Yaku wasn't born a werewolf, and thus has no control of his transformations. He was infected at the age of fifteen, and was the cause of many "missing" children around his school. Ashamed, knowing he has been the cause of these, he made sure his parents never knew who it really was.

He grew up well taken care of through his childhood. He graduated high school on time and managed to score a fast-food job before deciding to go to college to earn an associate's degree.

When he gets pushed past the breaking point and his anger gets the best of him, he changes shape, usually taking it out on the one who pushed him over the edge. This sense of mindlessness carnage lasts for unpredetermined amounts of time before he finally wears out and blacks out, changing back. On full moons, this happens regardless, unless he locks himself up first, which he usually does.

Whenever he grows terribly excited, he may start to exhibit canine tendencies, such as his ears growing slightly pointed, or his eyes changing color.

Family- As stated before, his family took care of him well through his childhood. He has no brothers or sisters, but he has a mother, father, and two grandmothers.

Weapons- He doesn't like to carry weapons.

Vehicles- He usually drives a black Honda Civic, though not very often.
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Name: Larsa Gem

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 198lbs

Eye Color: Light blue

Species: Wolf

Hair Description: scruffed

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Gray, with strange light strobes coursing around his body

Vocal Description: Mysteriously mechanical, but scowl like

Body Description: Skinny

Attire/Appearance: A commoners shirt and pants, but at times, will dress up in formal clothing

Family: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown

Good/Bad: Have to wait and see

Theme Song: Simple and Clean ~ Utada Hikaru

Birthplace: Ancient village in the land of Kanook

Current Location/Residence: Roaming

Training/Specialties/Skills: 'Born" with them

Special Markings: the mechanics coming in and out of his body

Personality: for the most part silent, unless something arouses his suspicion

Other info:

The main hero in an online video game, "Legends of Kanook, Souls that twine" created by Cornaria's number one video gaming company, C-Tech Inc. He would fight any villain in the world of Kanook, mindlessly following the orders of the player.

Though one day, something happened to his programming. His mind suddenly became self aware, flooding with memories of so many others. Though three things came to his mind the most, Conquest, Domination, and to obey his new Queen. He was able to break away from the world designed for him amongst the chaos happening in the real world. He scoured the cyber world, looking for answers, but above else, escaping to join his Queen.

For close to a year, he traveled, doing what he could to jump from one computer system to the next. Though shortly after joining with a new system, it detected him as a Virus, trying to eliminate him from existence. Though from the 'moves' and 'abilities' he was originally programmed to do, he would become victorious. However, instead of helping, the computers he integrated with, would become damaged in the fight, thus rendering them inoperable.

After a year of searching, he found a machine created my the Users. It was made to deteriorate and reintegrate living and nonliving matter, a transportation system used to move quickly around the stars. During a transfer, he force his way into the place of one of the 'passengers', reemerging into a full, living creature. Once again he was treated as a threat, and he dealt with his attackers accordingly.

He had suddenly become disheartened, finding out that the ones he was searching for, the ones he wanted to become one with, were no longer in the Lylat System, destroyed from existence, even the Queen he longed to obey. From that day forward, he has set out on a new quest, to revive the race destroyed by the inferior creatures of Lylat and revive his adopted race, to become their new King. He would raise the name of his fallen comrades to where the name of them will bring terror into the hearts of the millions..............

That name...............Aparoid


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Quite the contest we have here don't we? XD

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O__o I'll say! (I voted)

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hmm...seeing as we have reached the deadline, with only one vote, I'll close the contest, but without a winner. Hopefully next month we will have some more entries and some more voters. Keep in mind the Banner Contest is starting up next week (as it collides with the first week in May) so let's see some entries!)